2017 dates (1-4th June) Tickets Released Jan 2017

New Venue To Be Announced

A Gathering of the Heart

1-4th June 2017 (TBC)

‘Colourfest’ is a 4 day festival with its roots deeply in yoga, and promises to be playful, deep and insightful.  We are a creative upbeat event that explores the depths of life through intelligent movement, yoga, performance, devotional sounds, folk and experimental music, and the arts.

Dream your festival

https://colourfest.appsme.com   copy and paste in your mobile browser

Our app offers news updates, links to our website, easy navigation using Google maps, and our Facebook page where you will see artists, photos, bio’s of the tutors and artists booked this year.

Celebrating life through yoga, music, theatre, art and dance.

good words. good people.

  • A Truly Heart Opening festival. Get lost within...and find yourself. With Yoga, Dance, Music and Meditation. The perfect mix of Stillness and Movement. Set deep in idyllic Dorset countryside, filled with Beautiful people, this is a gathering not to be missed. If you feel the call, listen to it and follow!...

    Kessington Huntingdom
  • What a magical, loving and nurturing event. I am so delighted that I went and stayed the 4 days. It was great to immerse myself in soul-nourishing activities and connect with so many beautiful, open and lovely people. The food was amazing too. Thank you for organising Colourfest. Bright blessings to you xx

  • Amazing beautiful sacred space.where beautiful souls unite in peace and harmony..love..laughter..dance music and so much more..colourfest rocks...and I can not wait to step in again

  • Rowan, Ravi and friends pour so much love and vision into this thing. Most chilled, friendly, heart opening event of the summer hands down :)

    WILL NEWITTDown to Earth Bushcraft