Colourfest is back in 2020


Uncovering New Depths & Sweetness

A Gathering of the Heart

Dear Colourfest Community.  Thank you for all the love and support since we started the festival 7 years ago. It’s been an amazing journey and we have seen the event grow in depth and maturity.  As you know we are a small team of 2 and being a year-long project Colourfest requires a lot of dedication.  We have decided to take a rest year in 2019 and will continue in 2020 with refreshed inspiration.

Taking a break has already allowed us to grow and evolve other projects and interests. The Bournemouth yoga community is also close to our hearts and in 2019 we will be hosting an Integral Yoga retreat, and as Colourfest, will be putting on a few day events with guest speakers and inspirational teachers.

We are currently on personal retreat as we see the importance of this in what we do, and again want to thank all the artists, teachers, musicians and volunteers that have made this into such a unique and beautiful gathering.

For applications for the 2020 event please write in to us from November 2019.  If you would like to get in touch with us this e-mail address is the one to use but please be patient as we will be working on other projects.

There is a place where we can meet

Where, hand in hand,

We can dance together.

Gathered in a place where others too, have felt the call

We can dive into the mysteries of being.

Allowing the old and familiar to fade like a distant memory

Inviting us into a space of infinite possibility.

It’s time to love, laugh, dance and sing to life.

Let us abandon all our self made chains

And greet each moment, unburdened and in celebration.

There is a place where we can meet

Shall we meet you there ?


Colourfest returns to the beautiful Gaunts House

Set in the heart of the Dorset countryside amongst open landscapes, stunning vistas and ancient trees, Gaunts House has on site accommodation & an outside pool.

Dedicated to exploring depth in Life

Dream your festival

Good words – Good people

  • Rowan, Ravi and friends pour so much love and vision into this thing. Most chilled, friendly, heart opening event of the summer hands down 🙂

    WILL NEWITT Down to Earth Bushcraft
  • Amazing beautiful sacred space.where beautiful souls unite in peace and music and so much more..colourfest rocks...and I can not wait to step in again

  • A Truly Heart Opening festival. Get lost within...and find yourself. With Yoga, Dance, Music and Meditation. The perfect mix of Stillness and Movement. Set deep in idyllic Dorset countryside, filled with Beautiful people, this is a gathering not to be missed.If you feel the call, listen to it and follow!...

    Kessington Huntingdom
  • I wanted to say a huge thank you for a brilliant festival. I told many of my friends about this event who had never been before and they where all really happy and said they would come back next year fro sure and actually 2 of them (who are experienced festival goers) said it was the BEST festival

  • The last five days have been manic, beautiful, emotional, busy, full of hugs, dancing, no phone or internet, friends, glued to a radio, and loved every minute helping co-ordinate stewards for colourfest. I love this conscious festival and the addition of the woodland dance space, epic.

    Laura Exton
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