Colourfest 4-7th June
Post Festival Retreat 8-9th June


A Gathering of the Heart

Dear Colourfest Community

Colourfest 2020

We invite you to join us for Colourfest 2020 which will fall this year on 4-7th June at Gaunt’s House Dorset.

Post Festival Retreat

This year we are also offering the opportunity to stay for a couple of extra days in order to go a little deeper with the main Colourfest tutors.  During the 8-9th we will gather in the healers area and will open only 150 tickets for those feeling to enter more of a retreat space.

Ticket Launch

We launch on New Years Eve 12pm midday with our opening offer and early bird tickets. We are very much looking forward to Being with each other once again.

Colourfest returns to the beautiful Gaunts House

Set in the heart of the Dorset countryside amongst open landscapes, stunning vistas and ancient trees, Gaunts House has on site accommodation & an outside pool.


Oh Freedom, my elusive friend.

 How many times must I search for you

only to return empty-handed?

 Standing, broken open amongst fragments of discarded dreams.

Ceaselessly working for the moment that never arrives. 

 Little did I realise this was your gift to me.

 Now, amongst friends, let us gather here;

we, those who are called,

and sit once more.

 Let arrogance fade away.  

 For the dancer is still dancing among the wreckage, and the subtle is an open door.

Dedicated to exploring depth in Life

Dream your festival

Good words – Good people

  • Rowan, Ravi and friends pour so much love and vision into this thing. Most chilled, friendly, heart opening event of the summer hands down 🙂

    WILL NEWITT Down to Earth Bushcraft
  • Amazing beautiful sacred space.where beautiful souls unite in peace and music and so much more..colourfest rocks...and I can not wait to step in again

  • A Truly Heart Opening festival. Get lost within...and find yourself. With Yoga, Dance, Music and Meditation. The perfect mix of Stillness and Movement. Set deep in idyllic Dorset countryside, filled with Beautiful people, this is a gathering not to be missed.If you feel the call, listen to it and follow!...

    Kessington Huntingdom
  • I wanted to say a huge thank you for a brilliant festival. I told many of my friends about this event who had never been before and they where all really happy and said they would come back next year fro sure and actually 2 of them (who are experienced festival goers) said it was the BEST festival

  • The last five days have been manic, beautiful, emotional, busy, full of hugs, dancing, no phone or internet, friends, glued to a radio, and loved every minute helping co-ordinate stewards for colourfest. I love this conscious festival and the addition of the woodland dance space, epic.

    Laura Exton

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