Tutors At Colourfest


Thank you all for your applications and interest in the gathering.  We have now a beautiful, diverse, deep and mature program of offerings.  Apologies if we were not able to host you this year, we had again an increasing number of applications.

Colourfest 2020

Each year’s event evolves as we evolve and grow.  Our inspiration comes from what’s current both in our Yoga Classes and whats happening around us in our community and the general feel of life’s direction.  Applications are limited.  We are going through a refinement process and though in the past we have loved to honour tutors from many different traditions  we have started to refine our program.

Dates:  Please feel free to start applying from November 2019 for the 2020 event.

Application Process

Please write in to info@colourfest.co.uk

  1. Outlining your proposal, workshop title, time required, methods of delivery
  2. Short Bio about your background with web links
  3. Proposed Exchange

Please note

We are a small festival of around 1000 people so budgets are tight.  We are two yoga teachers that run the event so where we put energy and time is important for the creation of this event. Due to the number of applications we receive we may not be able to reply to all, but thank you in advance for considering us. We really appreciate the time you have taken to write in and if its not quite what we are looking for this year, wish you all the very best.


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