As Wild as the Wind

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– a woodland based 5Rhythms workshop for women We will let nature nurture us, tending to our wild soul- recharging, refreshing, renewing ourselves with shared time dancing the 5 Rhythms outdoors. We will make space for those whispers of intuition that we may hear on the wind- coming back in to connection with what is wild and wonder-filled within us and around us. NB The dance will take place using silent disco headsets so numbers are limited.

Tess Howell is an accredited 5Rhythms teacher whom specialises in teaching outdoors in the woods and wilds. Since 2013 she has been leading “Waves On The Beach” and “Wild Grace” sessions using silent disco headsets to facilitate dancing outdoors in spectacular settings. She also offers a 5 Rhythms based Rites of Passage- see more at as part of 5 Rhythms Reach Out.

‘I get great pleasure from being on this this dancing path. There is such beauty in being with the beat, the breath, in our body being in motion…. The majority of my teaching happens outdoors –for me there is something about deeply nurturing about moving in nature; allowing us to connect deeper to self, to others and to the wider world around us.”

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