Colourfest – Our second year –  A Move to St Giles House

Holton Lee was a great venue but nog quite right for us.  It’s a story as to how we found our next site.  Chance phone calls, driving past junctions where the trees just seemed to glow, beautiful coincidences snd meetings.  We were welcomed to St Giles House, the home of Lord Shaftsbury and welcomed as the first gathering to actually interact with his house and private lawns.  St Giles is just a sublime setting and has its own fantastic story.  From an organisational point of view Robbie and I never worked so hard.  It was a new site, nothing known and a massive increase in costs.  It took us around 5 months to get the event together and it was just amazing.  We had some really amazing tutors and opened 7 areas of learning.

Colourfest 2013 - St Giles House Dorset

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