Colourfest – Opening to Sensuality

A really stunning year.  We are now fully in the flow and have a great team who really give their all to the site build and infrastructure management.  We have decided this is still a good thing to do, working long hours for months on end for no pay, with nothing but a slap on the back and a hot bath at the end of it….

This year the site plan was on its head again, a major redesign. (Helped along by a couple of areas we were not allowed to use)  This year the program included some aspects of sexuality and sensuality.   It was an interesting experiment and we had some really beautiful offerings and though we love to bring sacred sexuality into the exploration of spirit, didn’t quite feel that this was the direction Colourfest was going.

We explored an array of different movement workshop through workshops and headlined the saturday evening with an event drawing on the skills and creativity of the colourfest storytellers, musicians, puppeteers and artists that lead into a great dance party.

Colourfest 2014 - St Giles House Dorset


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