Colourfest 2015 – In the Flow

2015 saw our biggest crowd yet.  We introduced a newly designed area ‘The Unstructure’.  An epic beast.   A 30m fabric walled dance and movement space with overhead silks and designs.  Just an amazing and sublime structure.  We had to drive over 25 scaffold poles and hire riggers to help the build but it was so worth the effort.  The unstructured space was as beautiful as we’d hoped and the site plan based around the sunken garden was magnificent.

We managed to finally get the site plan just right.  No sound bleed and each area able to offer their magic without noise pollution.  We do basic advertising with a few flyers and Facebook posts as we would like the festival to grow from the ground up, reaching out to people who this festival really speaks to.  Thanks to all the Bournemouth Community and friends all over the country for your help and love in getting this event together.

Colourfest 2015 - St Giles House Dorset


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