Colourfest 2016 – The Refinement – Collaborations

The best festival yet!!  Such a learning experience.  The festival is a process of refinement in so many ways.  In terms of beauty, quality of the site build, infrastructure, tutors and artists.

This year we wanted the whole festival to be more integrated and cohesive with workshops that relate, build upon and enhance each other.  We love the element of spontaneity and creativity so introduced more collaborative sessions where movement tutors and live musicians guide their workshops into an array of finales where a variety of disciplines meet and combine into an unknown and unstructured jam.  These worked spectacularly well and were a source of great inspiration.

We put a lot more energy into researching amazing musicians from all over Europe, and we choose not only the quality of the music but the quality and heart of the musician and from where they play from.

Colourfest 2016 St Giles House, Dorset.


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