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Dream Element is a collaboration between Will Softmore and Rowan Sterk.

You are invited to drop deeply into yourself. This is a space to move, to be still, to meditate, to play, to listen and express, to be transported beyond the everyday and the mundane and to find the profound truth within. 

This unique experience is not a workshop, but it is not quite a gig either (in the conventional sense). It lives in the space between worlds. Will and Rowan will pull on their resources and skills as experienced space holders and virtuoso musicians to create a powerful, gentle, transformative and yet safe, journey. Original and evocative live music will be provided by their band ~Dream Element~ 

Atmospherically, it is a fusion of styles: ambient and dynamic, ancient and modern, combining and fusing resonant sounds that will awaken your senses and move your emotions and feet. We incorporate various exotic acoustic and electronic instruments into our rich repository.

We have been building and creating our unique and deep friendship and sound over months and years. It is a fusion of styles, ancient and modern, combining and fusing resonances that will awaken your senses and move your emotions and feet. We incorporate didgeridoo, drums, percussion, bells, cymbals and gongs, guitar, chimes and rattles, piano, shimmering electronic synths, arpeggios and baselines, voice, sound recordings from distant lands and even leaves into our hypnotic evolving soundscape. It will be rich and deep and uniquely original. Come and be moved…


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