Applications 2018

Food Traders

We are a vegetarian festival offering vegan, raw and whole food varieties.  We have around 1500 people on site and 3-4 main caterers. We have our own crew catering for artists and tutors who receive a complementary lunch / day.

STATUS:   Closed  

We have all the caterers we need nor our 2018 event.  Thank you

Traders ( all other )

General Traders  Selling ethical products & crafts.  We have two main areas in the main start tent field and in the kids area.

Exchange:  A ticket at £120 / person trading,  plus £25 pitch fee, plus power fee of £20 or £30 depending on usage.

STATUS: Closed

We reached capacity for trading at the 2018 event.  Thank you.

Healing Fields

Healers and Therapists offering a variety of modalities. We try to minimise crossovers in therapy styles and have around 15 spaces available.

Exchange is a £50 pitch fee plus opening offer ticket/person of £120

STATUS:   Closed

We have all the healers we need for the 2018 event.  Thank you

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