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This year Colourfest is collaborating with visual artist Stuart Semple. Together we are creating  a series of site-specific immersive art installations. Using brand new alchemical compounds and sculptural elements, sacred spaces will become activated. Participants are invited to create, share, wish and ultimately meet the self in profound and transformative ways. These environments, deeply rooted in inspiration from the yoga sutras of Patanjali promise to be potent moments in which to experience real miracles.

Stuart Semple is world renowned visual artist, alchemist and activist. He has enjoyed many successful solo exhibitions and major public art projects in New York, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, London, Melbourne, Moscow and Milan. As a true contemporary alchemist.

Stuart has created some of the world’s most extraordinary colours and art materials including the world’s Pinkest Pink and Black 2.0 – a black paint that absorbs nearly all light.  Stuart is probably best known for his public art piece ‘HappyCloud’ in which he flooded the London skyline from Tate modern with thousands of eco-friendly artificial clouds for the purpose of lifting spirits. Stuart has spoken about creativity, inspiration and mental health at some of the world’s biggest museums and institutions including ICA, Denver Art Museum, Frieze, Oxford University, Royal College of Art and several others. Stuart has written for the Guardian, Huffington Post and Spanish Vogue and presented for the BBC learning series Bitesize. His  works have appeared in many publications including New Scientist, Wired, The Times, GQ and many others.

In 2013 Stuart was awarded the Happiness Hero medal by the UN on the first international day of happiness for his work with art and happiness. In 2015 Stuart’s first book ‘My Happy Colouring Flip Book’ became an amazon number one best seller. As a strong advocate in the power of creativity to transform, he founded the creative therapies fund with Mind, the mental health charity to bring avenues of creative expression to communities through England and Wales.

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