Immerse yourself in the Project of the Day, learn a new skill, make new friends and meet up with old ones, make something cool to take home, play and relax in an interesting and creative space.

 On Friday, help us turn the Kids Area into an enchanted space

Get your Creative Hats on….it’s a Making Day!Unleash your creativity and help to make the Kids Area into an enchanted space! We will be creating Tree Spirits (very large and very small) and Giant dream-catchers for the Land of 1000 faces.

There will be a nature walk around the festival to gather materials to use in mandala making.  We’ll also be using our huge pile of willow to create a structure for everyone to enjoy over the weekend.  Will it be a Den? A Tipi? Or an Archway? Or a Maze?…It’s up to you!  We need to make the structure, weave its walls, and make it beautiful.

On Saturday, come and be part of the Colourfest Kids Theatre

We are going to create an entirely new Play completely from scratch in one crazy afternoon! We need YOU! Not just kids who’d like to act in the show, but kids with great ideas, kids who can dance or sing, or have some other talent to share, kids who can design scenery and amazing props and costumes…and make them!

At the end of the afternoon we’ll perform our new play!

 On Sunday, strut your stuff in the Colourfest Kids Talent Show

Everyone is good at something, and we’d love to see what you can do! Anything goes – dancing, gym, telling jokes or a funny story, music, singing…Whether it’s on your own or with your friends, we want to see it!!

Don’t forget to bring your fan club to watch the show. It’s a whole day project, so join the backstage crew on Sunday morning to make it happen: build and decorate a stage, create yourself a costume, make bunting, posters and leaflets.

 As well as the big projects, there’s loads of other activities to try, including:

Hapa Zome – the Art of Japanese leaf printing, Back to the Wild workshop – how to make cordage – bracelets from nature, Meditation and mindfulness for children, Teens only chill out space, Tie Dyed shoe laces, Teddy Bears Picnic, Toddler space, Story telling, Giant games, Drama workshops, Making meditation jars, Nature walk and Nature Mandala making, Giant Dream-catchers, Family Yoga, Bubbles, Dressing up, Volleyball tournaments, Make a Colourfest Pom-Poms, Music, singing and instruments.


Treehouse Kids Area ethos

To provide a space

  • Where the activities are designed to boost children’s self esteem and confidence, and to promote an environment of caring for each other and working together to achieve a goal
  • Where children can express their creativity and try new skills without fear of failure
  • Where children can meet each other, make new friends and play together in a caring and creative environment
  • Where children can explore their spirituality in a variety of ways
  • Where parents can play alongside their children and reconnect
  • Where children can be themselves without being judged.

.About Treehouse Theatre

We’re a Children’s Theatre company who mostly work in schools and pre-schools around Dorset and Hampshire. We specialise in interactive theatre, and have a particular love for the juicy bits of history and great story- telling.

Working at events and festivals is fantastic opportunity to give children the freedom to be creative on their own terms. As well as Colourfest, this summer we’re performing at Buddhafield, Camp Bestival and Bestival.


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