As a gathering we also seem to be breathing and reflecting what is unfolding for many of us having talked with the tutors and artists sharing with us this year.  Our own year away from the festival scene has given us time and space to dive into retreat, reflection and clarification and the process has been one of a ‘deep emptying out’ rather than any additions or acquisitions of knowledge or insight.  There has been a hope in the past that it’s the insights and deeper seeing will somehow save me from the ‘out of control’ and ‘uncertainty’ that pervades life in its loud, yet hidden ways, and this has driven much search.  Its of a total surprise though that the emptying process leaves us with nothing ……… and yet here, I am very grateful to it.  Not immediately though ! It’s uncertain, deconstructing and scary.  It removes old ways of seeing the world and ourselves which is both confusing and disorientating, yet there is a peace in if you are able to not get too freaked out by the falling away of your particular point of view held in space.

If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter 

Colourfest had evolved into being more than a 4-day event.  It seems to be a moment that time where time can stand still.  Where we move in a held and supported environment, in which the collective field seems to provide support, space, opportunity, nurture and maturity for real magic to happen.

In the early days of Colourfest we were very much moving from a place of sharing ideas between disciplines.  I really wanted the dancers to meet the yogis, and the yogis to meet the free movers.  I felt there was much to be gained from each other in the various learnings.  We wanted to connect the solitary practitioners and meditators to ‘others’ through dance, encounters and meetings.  We felt to inspire the awakening of the heart through ceremony and kirtan, and for those liking none of it that was great too.  We’d express something deeper in the way the gathering was set up and organised.  The intention and the love from how it comes together.

We then went through a phase of looking more deeply into masculine and feminine principles.  Not so much as gender roles and redefining them, but as principles of ground and silence and movement of form.  Part of that though seemed to be becoming more conscious of the shadow, adult/child and energies and pains held in the unconscious yet still ruling the roost.  We had a few years of orientating the festival around this.

This year we are finding ourselves, having come from a 25-year path of introspection, investigation into various traditions, teachings and paths, leaving much behind.  The practices of deep listening are finding their ways more deeply in to the body, and just as importantly the connection to the land and to nature.  As a gathering we are looking closely as I’m sure we all are at the unfolding climate narrative which is making us all reflect on our actions in the world, from where we are moving from and the general attitude of consumption.  Not only material possessions, but every way in which we feel we need to consume, whether its ideas, people, food, products etc.  We will be reflecting these ideas through many of the workshops, not so much as a sharing of ideals, but from a state of rest and recognition that has within it a different way of moving in the world.  It’s far from a philosophy and clever thinking that somehow seems so clumsy now, from the lived experience of rest and Being enough.

It’s the deconstruction though and the emptying out that for us has been the most profound thing.  We are finding that we can’t cling to anything these days.  Even the teachings that have beautifully supported and nurtured us are somehow falling away and its a sad, lonely stunningly beautiful emptying.  Moving beyond the traditions and leaving the crutches, supports and stabilisers to one side.  Paradoxically we will still be honouring and hosting traditions and they’re approaches as we also see learning as non-hierarchical and different learnings come at different times.

In terms of how Robbie and I move together, we are far from a classical business.  We are a couple of friends supported by a team of friends, supported by a whole community of friends that share what we love.  We flow with the coming together of this event in quite an organic and what might seem like a non-defined way.  We like that it’s like this, for our own learning comes through the way the event comes together.  We learnt that we can’t push or force and that everything has it’s time.  We have learnt its not a good idea to move from fear or from what we imagine others expect, or from what is becoming normalised in the way we seem to do business these days.  It feels good to share this with the people coming to us.  To know that what’s being offered at the event is very much what’s in action behind the scenes.

Finally we want to thank you for your love and support, and all the ways that the tutors, artists and team all together contribute to what has become a little gem of a gathering.

Much love and flow well.

Rowan (Colourfest Organiser)



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