Breathing Art Mandala Project

Bringing People Together

Something beautiful arises in the collective, when communities and groups of people come together.  There is infinite possibility. In our animal biology we have a love and deep seated human need to belong, find our tribe and give purpose and meaning to these precious lives.

There is a growing orientation, as we build momentum towards this year’s gathering, around the support and fellowship with other individuals, communities, movements and organizations and a recognition of the depth of their work and its contribution to the wider whole.

Breathing Art Mandala

Is a project that has come from Raila Mar, a Yogini and artist from Finland.  Finland is a country whose people have and cherish a deep love and connection to nature, from the family systems right up to governmental decisions and policy.  Raila has been touched by the need to move in the world to support the thriving of our ecosystems and support good movements. She deeply values the beauty in living more in harmony with nature.  Raila is moved by a wisdom that arises as a ‘body centered knowing’.  An embodied wisdom available as we more subtly attune to that which we are already deeply a part of.

Rooted in both Yoga and Tibetan Buddhism, Raila has been dedicated into the silent listening practices that both of these traditions expound.  In her own journey, and after some challenging times that drove her deeper into nature and silence, Raila experienced her own deeper connections to the subtleness in nature.  Out of a more direct seeing came the movement to produce mandalas out of the natural materials around that somehow expressed the energies that were experienced.  These mandalas became transmissions in themselves.

At Colourfest this year we will be making a number of these around the site with Raila in her workshops and sessions that we can all be part of.  Raila’s sessions will be supported by a number of musicians rooted in medicine song as we ceremonially re-connect to the land that supports us and all life.  These mandalas will in themselves be an invitation not just to be creative and artistic, but to enter a deeper listening with the natural world, and to be aware of the deeper processes around creating them.

Collecting Art 

The second part of ‘Breathing Art Mandala’ seeks to also fund movements and projects through Art.  Raila is collecting art that has been donated by artists from all over the world.  Her website is a platform where the artists work can be displayed and is available for sale.  With the funds generated by these works, Raila has made an affiliation with a charity/organization called TreeSisters, Women Seeding Change,  a really inspiring movement doing some really great work.  See The TreeSisters of Mount Kenya.   The proceeds from Breathing Art Mandala go to support these works. This year we are channeling our energies into supporting these two projects.  Artists who donate works and are listed on the Breathing Art Mandala website.  People can then buy the art directly from the artists.

Deeper Listening and Intelligent Movements

This year we are supporting a theme of deeper listening.  Listening to our own rhythms, feeling into the rhythms of those around us and to those of the natural world.  What we are realizing is that deep listening awakens an intelligence that knows how it needs to move in the world, like a river knows which way to turn around the rock.  We’re inspired to support the growing of this movement in ourselves and in those who touch our lives.

Donating Art

Raila is currently working on a new site after a crowdfunding launch and soon we will be posting how artists can donate or purchase works if they would like to support this movement.

Supporting the work of the TreeSisters – you can go directly to their site.




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