Welcome to Colourfest, especially if you are finding us for the first time. We are a 4 day drug and alcohol-free gathering, now in our eighth year, and are based in the heart of the Dorset countryside.

A shift in the festival experience

There came a point in our own festival journey that we tired of being so trashed at events and, in the name of a good time and finding some relief from the intensity of life, putting the body through so much that was unsustainable and on reflection, not so useful.

We wanted to produce an event where something that could lift you as a person could still be fun.  We had oscillated ourselves between silent monastic retreats and crazy hedonistic festivals. We saw that in the name of a deep internal quest many would have to leave partners and loved ones and take a solitary dive into contemplation.  We saw that the approach of getting off our heads, though having elements of fun and light relief, always carried consequences and only masked deeper unrest.

We birthed an event where people could come together and, for four days, feel into what you needed in your own life’s journey, whether it was rest and nurture, connection, reflection or just to be able to express.  It’s not a festival to come and just be entertained, even though we have gathered many great artists.  It’s an event where we invite participation and another way to approach things.  During the days we invite you to explore either through movement, dance or yoga, connect through one of the amazing workshops offered by practitioners deep in the exploration of their fields.  We invite you to sing, to meet, unpack & reflect.  To be loud, to be quiet, to be still and to be wild… or none… or all.

As an event we offer integrity in how to do this. We value your presence and engagement and the work we do together. We create clear, clean, inspiring environments in which rich work can take place. It is a gathering that is beautiful in all ways. We source high quality musicians aligned with the enquiry of the festival. We lean away from clever marketing strategies dressed up to sell you a product promising you things its out of our hands to deliver, washed down with ton of sugar, fried foods and plastic take-home memorabilia. We value amazing things for our children to engage with.  We value being real over having to make yourself into something.  We value authenticity over a clever words, and honesty over false promises.  We do this because it feels good to do so, and it sits well in the body.  We do this because it seems to sit behind wellbeing on all the levels, and to leave an event deeply nurtured is what we hope for you.

You can do as much or as little as you feel and we encourage you to feel into what feels right for you and to trust that.

Our Roots

We started out as yoga teachers but moved quite quickly into dance and movement therapeutics and a deeper unpacking of more existential questions around life.  We are not declaring that we have ‘answers’ but have found resolution in different ways than knowledge to rest as ease with one’s own Being.

Just People

The event invites us all to drop all the ways the our minds divide, elevate or place ourselves under others.  Any maturation of any exploration seems to take us to a similar place of revelation.  We are all just people living beautiful complex, simple, imperfectly perfect lives.  We are all growing and learning.  We are all evolving and expanding in some way or another.  Here there is nothing to have to join to to become.  Nothing that you really need to believe or take on.  Here is a place where you are welcomed to be yourself in a way that respects that we are sharing this world with others, and somehow we can find a way of trading with honour and dignity in the footsteps of all those who have gone before.

Feel free to Explore

So maybe we will see you 4-7th June. We are also offering a couple of extra retreat days on the 8th & 9th. We have a cap of 1500 people so we encourage you to get a ticket sooner rather than later.  We prefer the smaller more intimate gatherings where you start to recognise faces around the site and can make connections.  Many who have been with us have found subtle or fundamental shifts in their lives have followed.  Some changing careers, or a different approach to life.  For some they have become teachers or therapists themselves.  Some just had a nice time and shared fond memories.  All we ask is that you come open.  Honour yourselves and what you need, and if something doesn’t make sense now… it may later.



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