Colourfest is a beautiful festival offering a rich and diverse programme. Our background is yoga but this festival opens itself to other ways to experience beauty and depth in life, whether it’s through yoga, music, art, dance, storytelling, poetry or theatre.

Rowan Cobelli and Robbie Newman – Organisers

Our background is as yoga teachers/trainers of over 20 years and this journey continues to inspire the evolution of the festival as a celebration of being.

We gather artists, musicians and tutors from all over the globe who share this passion and who are skilled in their crafts.

Our program is rich with opportunities to be light and playful through theatrical performances, great music, dance and crafts, or to explore the depths of being through yoga in its many forms.  As lovers of movement, the festival offers collaborate dance, free movement jams, dj sets,  a variety of workshops around yoga, the body and psychology of movement, as well as early morning practices rooted in many traditions.

You can choose to sit back, rest and enjoy the atmosphere,  dive right in to fully immerse into the various elements of the program or to do a little of both, picking out a few choice morsels before kicking back and soaking it all in.  We have a full range of offerings suiting people coming for the first time as well as deeper exploration of the more subtle elements of yoga psychology and practice.

We encourage you to come for the full 4 days to give yourself time to relax, to let go of distractions,  open up and fully explore many of the jewels Colourfest has to offer.  Colourfest is family friendly and drug & alcohol free.

The Story so far..

Colourfest offers beautiful spaces packed with eclectic and captivating programs to calm, activate, connect and inspire, led by a host of great musicians and tutors dedicated to their respective paths.

We have dedicated Satsang room within the stunning Gaunts House, and a variety of movement and sound spaces, acoustic café, kids area, traders, healers and theatre tents.  There will be a new outside dance and movement space with a collection of live and DJ sets.

Our food this year is more diverse, offering a broad range of wholesome uplifting vegetarian options.  This will include a dedicated pizzeria, curries and dals, a raw food specialist, pie’s and bakes, wraps and snacks and a cake and chai cafe.

We encourage you to dive into the full 4 days with us to allow more of the magic and beauty to infuse into the very heart of your being and fully integrate all that is on offer. We feel it takes a day or two to settle and as we value so much whats on offer, invite you to arrive as soon as you can to the festival opening.

Meet The Team

  • Rowan
      Rowan The Dreamer

      Being a partner in crime with Robbie as Colourfest’s organiser and dreamer I’m proud to welcome you to our event.  We love to bring people together in an uplifting and inspiring way sharing the love of yoga.  We put the festival together which is a path in itself in a way that reflects what the festival is about.  For us its about moving in our truths and with a way that honours and feels sacred.

    • Robbie
        Robbie The Fragmented Genius

        A visionary and general philanderer.  As an organiser Ravi brings fragmented genius to the mix. Loyal and steady we make a good team.  This man flows like the wind and will turn his hand to anything. He’s dedicated and champions pushing inner boundaries in every way imaginable.

      • HANNUMAN
          HANNUMAN Site Manager

          Steady, reliable and virtually unstoppable.  If there is anything he can’t do, we haven’t found it yet.

        • John
            John The 'Whatever needs doing' Guru

            This man has power coming out of his…..   An electricity guru and all around savior you will see john around the festival looking as though he is doing nothing, but under the cool exterior fast at work, is an amazing machine and kind hearted gentleman.

          • Laura Exton
              Laura Exton Operations Manageress

              Beautiful to welcome Laura to Colourfest.  Each gathering needs a free thinking, problem solving, hug inducing goddess.  We are so so lucky to have found ours.  As our master of operations if you see her sitting in a swivel chair stroking a cat and laughing to herself…..  you’ll know all is in order.

            • charmaine
                charmaine Office Finance

                Charmaine has progressed through the colourfest office ranks and now proudly sits next to Alan as Office Finance Guru…  She works faster than the new macbook pro and is practically infallible.

              • Danielle
                  Danielle Office Manager

                  Every team needs an office manager and we have found just the person.  Danielle brings mental clarity, sharpness and a smile all together in one beautiful collaboration.  We feel in good hands.

                • Helen
                    Helen The Volunteer's Pachamama

                    Seen in nothing but a flurry of clipboards and paper this amazing woman holds the volunteers fort single handed.  She will have some help this year.

                  • Peter
                      Peter The Unsung Hero

                      By day a taxi driver, by Colourfest a taxi driver … this man will motor your kit to your tent. Seriously this man is unbelievable. Purely for the love this chap toils his fingers to the bone to get this festival off the ground. One of the unsung heroes.

                    • Kev
                        Kev The Ideas Generator

                        A surprise star of Colourfest 2014.  This chap came through, organized and now is spearheading our environmental and recycle policies.  An adventurer, a never say no guy and ideas generator, Kev is unstoppable.

                      • Alan
                          Alan The Strategist

                          All good festivals need a man that crosses the t’s and dots the I’s.  Alan is the rule setter, the enforcer, the stickler. Nothing gets past him, and I mean nothing. Thorough to the end, dedicated and with an eye that could spot a detail Alan tackles the planning so meticulously, he would put Sherlock Holmes to shame.

                        • Designer
                            Designer The Image Jedi

                            Our graphic designer, logo creator and zen image master.    A visionary, designer and yogi to helps translate the beauty we feel the festival to be into design and image form.

                          • Rolf
                              Rolf The Sound Angel

                              Rolf was 0ur sound Angel.  RIP Rolf.

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