Alive are a collective of musicians brought together by Mark Fisher and have been playing for 5Rhythms and other movement practices for the past 10 years. They have diverse musical backgrounds from classical, film composing, Kirtan, funk and folk; the music they create spans many genres and is always in the moment and responsive to the dancers.  The thing that draws them all back to these sessions is that they are an exciting co-creation between the musicians, dancers and facilitator… a unique expression of what is brought to the space by all the participants.

Sophia Campeau-Ferman has been a 5 Rhythms dance teacher for over 25 years and is trained by Gabrielle Roth, the founder of the 5 Rhythms. She holds a regular space for 5Rhythms in Lewes and is a passionate dancer and teacher, she loves working with the musicians from Alive and has done so for the past six years at festivals and in her own classes.  She says: ‘5Rhythms with Alive is like the highest love for life, a creative crescendo of dance and music’.
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