Workshop 1
“Listening to your dancer – expression, connection and resting in the body”
Workshop 2
“Deep in the rhythm  – letting go to the rhythms from within, dropping into togetherness and quietude “
“Julia, aka Jewell is a Co-Director of the Dorset School of Biodanza alongside Niraj and has been teaching Biodanza for almost 10 years. Dance when married to music serve a gateway to expression of emotions, instincts and serve as pathways to human life. Biodanza has an extra focus on the here and now, the amplification of the health in the body and a place just to celebrate life, have fun and take a sabbatical from the pressures of life. Julia’s background is in psychology and education, her focuses now are dance and creative expression, particularly painting and she feels the ‘Vivencia’ is a fertile ground for being as it says in Desiderata ‘a child of the universe’. Become a partner with your body, maybe even let it lead you, it holds an ancient wisdom”.
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