‘Transform the fears you hold around your voice and join me in a gentle and playful exploration of the power, fragility, beauty, wildness and creative individuality of our voices.’ Tallulah Rendall

In these sessions, we explore and rediscover the healing and soothing nature of our own authentic voices. We journey into the transformative power of sound, connect deeply to our hearts and explore our true expression.

Beginning with Qi Gong warm-ups to shake out tension, build confidence and bring awareness to our: body, posture and breathe before moving gently into toning, song and harmony.

All are welcome to these sessions whether you are at the beginning of your journey of discovery or a seasoned professional singer.

Tallulah Rendall BIO

Tallulah Rendall is a Qi Gong Teacher, Sound Therapist, Creative Facilitator and Singer Songwriter.

She combines her practice and study of Qi Gong and Chinese Medicine with her lifetime’s experience as a songwriter and musician. She weaves the incredible beauty of her singing voice with her mastered playing of gongs, singing bowls and guitar in order to offer a space of powerful transformation.

Tallulah currently offer Voice Workshops, Song Writing & Creativity Workshops & Retreats, 1-2-1 Singing Lessons, Singing Circles, Qi Gong Classes, 1-2-1 Sound Therapy and Group Sound Bath Meditations.

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