Body percussion and nature rhythm walks with Algy Behrens.

The body percussion and nature rhythm walks  are a great way to gain percussive/rhythmic skills without having to use drums or percussion instruments. The body percussion workshops are simply ways of learning rhythms using just our own bodies as instruments. The workshops are suitable for all ages and  are fun and dynamic. They can also work well alongside choreographic work and dance pieces.

The nature rhythm walks are an excellent way to teach children and adults about the nature they happen to be living in or close to. It could be a park in a city or a secluded valley, participants are encouraged to use trees, shrubs, sticks and leaves to make music. The results are incredible as very few people are aware of the resonant sonic qualities inherent in nature.

Algy has been teaching drumming, songwriting,  guitar and body percussion workshops for over 10 years. He has a natural ability to bring out the best in people, allowing them to find their own unique creative expression. His approach is unconventional and playful, focusing primarily on what each individual/group bring. Whether working with young people on creating their first ever song or leading a drum workshop with elderly people, his intuitive response ensures that  people feel held and empowered to step forward into parts of themselves they may have never explored.

His work with children, teaching ukulele and drumming  workshops  in schools around Bristol have been a great success because of his inclusivity and his ability to bring everyone together, regardless of their experience or abilities.


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