For the last 11 years or so Elahn Keshava & Radhe (Gisela Lirusso) have been running Shekinashram the much loved devotional sanctuary and Bhakti Yoga ashram in Glastonbury.   The ashram is dedicated to inspiring others by sharing the astonishingly sweet nectar of devotional life.

Having spent many years running daily and weekly programmes, and retreats introducing people to the different facets Bhakti Yoga, Elahn & Radhe, along with their young daughter Tulsi, travel when possible to share the journey of bhakti sadhana.  Principally using the medium of kirtan and sacred storytelling to share some of the age old secrets and wisdom of the sages from the Bhakti Yoga tradition, they have become well known for both their soft ambient moods of devotional chanting and ecstatic high energy kirtans.   This year they will mostly be joined by David Oliver on drums and Emily Willmott on percussion as well as other friends, and extend a very warm invitation to everyone to join them on this beautiful and inspiring pilgrimage to the Heart of the Beloved.

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