ContaKids – Teens

ContaKids Teens is a movement and contact experience for teenagers rooted in play and fun. It is a unique approach which uses the body to explore different ways of moving, relating to self and others. Expect games, music and a great time!


Abigail Jackson is a qualified Dance Movement Psychotherapist and ContaKids Teacher based in London, UK. She has experience of working with children and adults with a range of learning, behaviour, physical and mental health needs within community, educational and NHS settings. Abigail’s practice utilises the psychotherapeutic and healing potential of dance, movement and sensory awareness to help people to express themselves, explore feelings and connect with others. Abigail’s movement background is rooted in 5 rhythms, authentic movement, improvisation and contemporary dance.

Alessandra Liguori is a qualified as a Feldenkrais and ContaKids Teacher based in Sussex, UK. She has grown into her practice through engaging in long-term health programmes for senior citizens and observing how babies learn. Alessandra’s classes are enriched by playfulness and the understanding that organic learning develops from a state of comfort. Alessandra regular practices Aikido and dance improvisation to help refine and expand her somatic research into a collective process.

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