Dancing Freedom for Families is a friendly, fun family event for all ages that offers games, movement and connection through free form dance and play. It is a place for building community and bringing families together.

Without a doubt we believe each session is a deep, “for the love it” desire to enhance family connection through somatic/active engagement in these digital times. This is always an inclusive and inter-generational event open to all family situations: Single mums or dads, aunties, uncles and grandparents, and even to just adults, some of our most joyous events have been when single adults or ‘big kids’ have joined in the fun as well.

Sophie and I really love to bring family’s together so the playfulness in the big kids (aka parents) can be freely expressed whilst we hold space for the little kids to be free to immerse themselves in imagination, playful movement and learning.

There is a special kind of magic arriving from these events; it nurtures the family dynamic by allowing the inner child of us all to be seen in all its qualities, giving an opportunity and openness to parents and children to engage in something they would not normally do together. As well as the play we also also give time for surrendering and deep heart connection by finishing with children and parents lying together, softening and being aware each others heart beat.

Our Story


Sophie and I actually birthed our working relationship on the Stage for David Icke’s, Awakening at Wembley Arena back in 2015 as part of the dance group “The Love
Tribe”. Since then with our passions for play and bringing community, coupled with our journey to becoming friends and Ecstatic Dance Facilitators, has led us to develop this little gem and offering.

We have run Dancing Freedom for the family sessions in Frome, Cornwall and London with great success and feedback. We are continually developing its magic, each event helps this

to grow. And finally we are very happy that our friendship and working relationship has proven to be both inherently supportive and complementary to each other. This comes through in our seamless and spontaneous facilitation of the events which we experience as a direct reflection in the smiles and love that we feel upon each community we engage with.


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