Come and share songs of love, healing, protection. There will be simple chants, delicious harmony, joy, and a little laughter. Our Mother loves mirth! . Arrive with an open heart and depart with a head and full of songs. Simultaneously a gentle and an uplifting experience. ‘How does she do it?’ Come and find out!

Yvette Staelens has been working as is a natural voice practitioner for over twenty years, she currently leads of three community choirs in Somerset. An advocate of the belief that ‘everyone can sing’ Yvette is an ardent internationalist and her choirs visit/host and sing with choirs all over Europe under the name of ‘Voice of the People’. Exchanging songs and forging friendships as they go. She has been invited to lead workshops across the UK and internationally in Los Angeles, France, Ireland etc., and in Autumn 2019 she was invited to work with five choirs in Sydney, Australia. During her professional music career, Yvette formed an acoustic band, Roots Quartet performing, co-writing and arranging many of their songs. You can find their music on Spotify, YouTube, CDbaby, and all the usual platforms.Her passion is harmony singing using songs and sounds from global cultures. ‘I particularly love supporting ‘not so confident’ singers to find their voice and set it free !’ She will be working with harmonies, love and found sound at Colourfest. Her workshops are always uplifting and joyful.

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