Embodied Presence – Lee Bolton and Jamus Wood Inspired – Dance and Movement Workshop

The World Needs You at This Time
It can be too easy to believe we have very little to offer, or not know what difference we can make at a time when we are being told our lives are at a tipping point.
Like the butterfly effect our every gesture has an impact. We will explore claiming every movement, every gesture we inhabit as a gift to the world, to life and to each other.
There is a shift that needs to happen and through dance, in our bodies we know this. It’s possible to feel it palpably, be touched by our humanity, the vulnerability, fragility, potency and power we all hold within us. This is a time to claim all of who we are and bring this through in what ever we do each day.

This will be a woven journey of dance, mystery, heart and community. We will by supported by music and silence, journeys into anatomy and connection.

This workshop is a taste of a large piece of work. You don’t need to have any previous experience, just an interest in a deeper enquiry into dance and being.


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