Georgia Palmer is a travelling creative from North Devon. Her music tells tales of the world of the self, and adventures to lands within and without. Her passion for embodied presence and vulnerability can be felt as she aims to bridge the gap between song and listener with honest words, moving melodies and raw heart! Playing her original music at only select events, be sure not to miss this momentary musical journey.
“Ive always loved how music takes me to a place of non-being. A place where my mind is quiet and my heart is open, where I can drop in and connect to myself and a song. My aim is to embody the music, in a way bridging the gap between the song and the listener which allows them to feel the song as deeply as I do, and become the ‘translator’ for what I like to think as the language of the gods. It is my passion to share music with others and to take people on a journey through themselves using the sound.”
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