In the Deep Relaxation Space
Ammaprema Grace will be offering some deep relaxation sessions with very gentle Sacred Sounds.
She works with Her Gong, Tibetan and Crystal bowls and Solfeggio sounds to help you find a deep rest and inner stillness.
In the Library:
She is offering 2 sessions on Healing with Sacred Sounds, where she will talk about how you can integrate Sacred Sounds into your life, & the Shamanic use of Intent. She will demonstrate using her Gong, bowls, Solfeggio Sounds, 111 Tuning fork and offer a Crystal Sound empowerment.
About Ammaprema Grace:
Ammaprema is a Sage of Sacred Sound who has been working with Yoga and Sounds of the Heart for over 28 years.
She has been a regular at Colourfest and Integral Yoga retreats for many years, bringing her own unique shades of Frequencies, to the magical blend of our Colourfest Family.
She now tends to teach individually offering Sound apprenticeships and occasional workshops.
She is available for individual healing sessions in Devon by appointment, and sells Tibetan Bowls
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