Kids/Family Yoga with Jocasta
This year our Yoga classes will focus on our connection with nature.
Many of the Yoga asanas were inspired by the natural world. There are the elemental poses like mountain pose and tree pose, many animal poses. Each pose takes us to the heart of that creature or nature element, to tune into their gifts and highest qualities. As we practise them we see how we experience them for ourselves.
We will also explore yoga stories to learn the deeper morals of the nature of being.
Yoga is a deeper study of the nature of the mind, so we will talk about the practises of yoga and try them – mediations, breathing and also the morals such as Ahimsa – non violence etc. This will all be offered through play and family friendly exercises and games. This will happen, inside and also out in the festival amongst the trees and nature.  Working together to create a ritual Puja offering through asana, breathing and chanting.
All ages welcome!

Engagement photo session, big nature, Mount Madonna Centre, August 2018. Nicola Percy Photography. California.

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