Kim Roswitha, founder of Into your heart retreats, is an adventurous open-minded and open-hearted dutch woman, who lives in Southern Spain. She offers retreats focused on awareness and personal development, with the aim of bringing you into contact with your natural state, your authentic being, your innate wisdom and inner strength.

 At Colourfest, she will hold space to explore your authentic self (even deeper) and connect with the valuable being that you are. Lean back into the source of life and feel nourished. Here you can feel the support to take steps forward. Life is not an exam that makes you wonder if you will succeed, but a discovery and an adventure. And you are invited to live it fully.

 Connected to your self and open-hearted to the other; these are keys to an authentic, fulfilled live.

 Kim uses practical exercises, movement, music, coaching, meditation, sharing and meeting. What she offers during this workshop is directly applicable in your daily life. Your input is part of the meeting and forms an essential, valuable contribution.



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