Kinship Workshop invites participants into experiential relationship to nature, landscape and other species through grounding physical practice. From this enlivening and thought-provoking experience we can reconsider our relationship to nature and catalyse personal responses in a time where crucial and loving action to global issues is much needed.
Kinship at Colourfest is an introduction workshop to the Kinship Programme that takes participants into rural sites to spend reflective periods in landscape, using movement and somatic practices.
Workshop facilitator Tom Goodwin has a background in various movement practices and somatic trainings including dance, martial arts and Bartenieff Fundamentals, and has extensive experience in teaching and facilitation.
Kinship Workshop draws from his experiences of spending time with other animals both in sanctuaries and through wild and domestic encounters. He completed an internship at The Kerulos Center in 2014 studying trans-species psychology and self-determination, from which developed the material included in the Kinship Workshop.

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