Colourfest welcomes Barbara and Michal who will be offering two sessions ab this years event.  These will be a deep dive in 3 hour sessions.

Limbic Imprint ReCoding Meditation – a signature Birth Into Being process – takes you back to the beginning of your earthly journey, so that you can consciously and deliberately ReWrite your story and effectively ReWire your nervous system through an “in-the-body” experience of being conceived, gestated and born with love and ecstasy. 

It works by clearing the pathways from the debris of past trauma and outdated behavioural patterns, so our fundamental core experience of living in the body can be based on love, compassion and truth.

With the resulting new imprint of safety, wholeness and higher purpose, you can create from a place of power that is not based on fear driven programming or trauma initiated behaviours. You can embrace your higher potential and discover new ways of engaging with yourself, with others and with Life in general. 

Through this experiential visualisation you may now be born again, but this time – born into a story that is truly in alignment with the truth of who you wanted to be, with your Essence.

Come and dance with us in the Birthing Field, time to weave a new life story. Your story. 


Barbara and Michal Blichowski had been training in Birth Into Being method since 2013 with its founder Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova and various other teachers across Europe. 

As a doula and a Conscious Birth&Parenting advocate, Barbara first engaged with Birth Into Being in  search for an efficient tool to help her clients get rid of emotional obstacles that may otherwise get in the way of them achieving their ideal birth experience but she soon discovered how far the ripples of this transformation carry – relieved of the restricting weight of their own birth trauma, her clients were free to pursue birth of not only babies but also any other creative projects, new career paths and new versions of themselves. 

Michal soon joined her on this journey with the intention of bringing in the Masculine Energy, much needed in the Birthing Field, as both Male and Female elements are intertwined in birth, in every act of creation and also on this healing journey.  

If you feel to come to this workshop, we recommend

The full version of Birth As We Know It, with different languages, the Director’s Cut etc are all available in online store;

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