Loving Your Body Space – Soma Yoga for your 5 Elements.

 Yoga refers to an action of yoking or harnessing. The 2 powers that must be harnessed are the life force and the inner intelligence. Together they give you power over your existence. Yoga is a journey that depends on your sensitivity to the wisdom of your body. Only with practice does knowledge become wisdom and only then do we begin to understand how the body responds to our actions and intentions. We experience all of this through the 5 Elements. They are fundamental to life and Yoga – and they are always on the verge of chaos. They are: space  (emergence), air (extension), fire  (transformation), water (motion) and (stability) earth. Experience how these elements can be harmonised through Yoga practice – through asana  (stillness) vinyasa (flow); bandha  (integration); pranayama (breathing); drushti (awareness, focus). Each of these aspects of practice is a dynamic, direct expression of their element. Together these five techniques open the portal of Yoga.





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