Vinyasa Flow for Intermediate Students
Lula will guide you through the next 90 minutes with creative vinyasa sequences designed to increase strength, flexibility and breath awareness. With a focus on alignment and injury prevention as you tap into your inner strength whilst finding compassion and presence with your practise. Staying safe in these more powerful practises is super important. Enabling you to find comfort and ease as you access your postures more deeply. Winding down with a Yoga Nidra for full integration of the practise. 
Arm Balance and Inversions
In this 60 minute arm balance and inversion class, you’ll learn key strengthening and conditioning exercises to prepare your body and mind for going upside down and balancing on your arms and or hands! Not suitable for people who have wrist and shoulder injuries. During this class we will work with progressions and you’ll be encouraged to challenge yourself with an open mind and compassion for your own limits. We will work with spotters (your class mates) for support and the wall! Come and have a go.
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