‘Meetings in Stillness are Meetings in Truth’ with Mateo Tabatabai


Mateo is a yogi dedicated to the path of moment-to-moment awakeness. He has studied and explored many modalities of healing and awakening, and has assisted others in the awakening of their inner potential for over a decade. He is also an Engineer and author, and is currently finishing his Masters in Psychology.

His path has been a mixture of deep immersion in life, as well as longer periods of seclusion, including long dark retreats in the mountains of Southern Spain.

The work offered through him includes a mixture of: meditation, enquiry, energy and partner practices, as well as movement and sounding. Kind inclusion of all aspects and dimensions, is a key theme in the offering.

The wisdom, seeing and compassion that manifests through him, is offered in the framework of equality and mutuality.

Some of the benefits that can come from his offering are: deep insights and awakening, unification of the energy centers / sub-minds, deeper alignment and clarity about your purpose, a growing sense of freedom, contentment and inner peace, and last but not least, humor about our situation and seeming predicaments.

The subsequent years were filled with death and rebirth, realizations, and deep dark nights of the soul. Today, everything has changed, and nothing has changed. The process of deepening continues with greater speed than ever, and although there have been many profound realizations, the most important thing seems to be the continuous, moment to moment surrender of everything… Love…

For more info and 1-on-1 work: http://onlinehealingsessions.com/


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