Ananta grew up in London and left England aged 19 with the strong desire to live as a Free Being. This first expressed itself through travel and lead her to Asia in 1989 where she lived until life circumstances brought her back to UK in 2017.

Searching to find the Truth of herself, Her heart was deeply called to a Master and she found her way to the Osho commune in Pune, India where she explored Meditation, Tantra and Self Awareness groups for more than 10 years. As well as working with people for several years in the healing fields, including various forms of bodywork, assisting others through trauma in a transformative, meditative way.

In 1994, Life circumstances led her into a two and half year period of silence in a Zen style retreat in Japan (otherwise known as a Japanese prison). It was during this retreat where True Freedom was realised.  Part of this amazing story is shared in her notebook hand written while on trial and has been made available as an ebook: No Way Back ~ Dark Night of the Soul “Awaiting Trial” (read a preview and buy the book here).

Ananta’s life and work is Now dedicated to the Awakening of Human Consciousness, and through her own Self-Realization, her main area of focus is Now facilitating, the simple direct recognition of the realization of our True Nature, through all that appears to play in all levels and back to the ordinariness of Life itself.

Ananta’s way of sharing includes Direct Self Inquiry, similar to the investigation of ‘Who Am I’ passed down from Ramana Maharshi. Yet it has now taken on a definite ‘Ananta’ flavour and after many years of developing in her own unique way, she finds a most easy and simple way of bringing about the Direct Experience and the ever deepening embodying of this realisation so uniquely to every Being who comes to her.

Living from this point of clear seeing and deepest knowing, there is the invitation to meet all ‘unfinished business’ in Truth. This carries over into a unique expression of Divine/Humanness where All is welcome Here.

Ananta currently resides in the UK where she provides private guidance sessions, holds regular meetings, and retreats and she also has an online membership Sangha where she guides Beings from around the globe through regular Satsangs.

Ananta has been interviewed a number of times over the years and these can be viewed here.

In addition she has hundreds of YouTube and SoundCloud clips available for free at: ​ and

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