Colourfest welcomes Tomas Reindl, who has been with us since the start.  He’s an amazing talent, is loved so much at the event and so we welcome him back for 2020.

Omnion is a solo live-project by composer, multi-instrumentalist and tabla player Tomáš Reindl (Prague/Czech Republic). Often utilizing a variety of instruments including the tabla drums, didger-
idoo, clarinet, trombone, beatbox, blues harmonica, koncovka flute, keyboards, etc. Omnion is per-
manently crossing genre borders, drawing inspiration from ancient and medieval musical traditionsof both the Western and Eastern cultures. At the same time, he is taking advantage of contemporary approaches and music technology to create new sound structures, sometimes layered on top of in-tensive beats.

Omnion’s new album has a diverse variety of sound, from prevalently acoustical, world-music style (Pygmeje),while also dipping into electronic dance beats and glitches in tunes like Kra-tom or Mantrance.

OMNION got nominations for JPFolks Awards 2017 in two categories: Asian song (Pyg-meje) and World song (Sanctus-Gayatrí).


Milan Bátor (Prominent Czech music journalist – Czech Radio Vltava, Ostravan daily, etc.):
“Omnion has released an album featuring music in a style that brings together different cultures at a specific
point of their development in time. Make no mistake, Omnion reveres no one and nothing; it offers true art at its
finest, and those who prefer a comfortable, blasé listening experience should look elsewhere. Omnion’s music
touches on the very essence of sound and language, uncovering numerous patterns and correlations. The album
is a case in point testifying to the fact that categorizing music into genres makes no sense, as music cannot be
tamed, harnessed, or subdued. Only such free musical imagination as that presented by Omnion is capable of

conveying the artist’s message to the audience. An exceptional artistic effort.”

New album Omnion II just released :>
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