Ruth Blake.  Introspective and multi-faceted, singer-songwriter-guitarist Ruth Blake blends the numinous with the oh-so-very-human, dancing between hypnotic guitar riffs and tender poetry with rambunctious offbeat grooves and playful wordsmithery.

She has crowdfunded and released two albums of her own, Lullabies for Grownups (2015) and Creation (2018) and performed at various festivals including Shambala, Colorfest and Into the Wild. She is also a member of the Music as Medicine collective and Brightsky Community, and has recently been lending her voice to the works of fellow artists emerging on the ‘music medicine’ scene, including those of James Frost, Eddie Chilvers and Manchester’s dark-funk ensemble, Caulbearers.

Rich with symbol and story-telling, her lyrical journeys gift us with bountiful ‘aha!’ moments as we break to the surface of profound understanding before plunging back into the depths of mystery and paradox. Her beguiling combination of sweetness, authenticity and strength make her the type of artist that you  can’t resist falling head over heels in love with.



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