Saadho is an ever evolving collective of friends walking together on the path of inner knowing, loving and blossoming. It is a collective that helps each other stay consistently authentic and intense in their relentless search to find their true nature, the nature of the cosmos. Saadho has small bases in Dharamshala (India) & London (UK), but the friends of Saadho are wide spread across India, Europe and Singapore etc.
Saadho kirtan are Sangha friends who have set out to establish themselves in the stillness and silence within through the medium of sound. Our collaborations extend to the UK, Europe and India, with some friends bringing their musical skills from past professions, while others pouring out of an undefinable but deep and heartful connect with music and sacred sound.
Kirtans (devotional singing and mantra chanting) for them is a joyous expression to invoke deep feelings of pure un-coloured divine love & remembrance, of gratitude & prayerfulness, of celebration and ecstasy. They also experiment with powerful meditations on sound; which brings deeper healing and allows us to experience spaces of silence, hidden deep in our beings.


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