Come, sisters, and explore the healing potency of Sacred Belly Dance! With a deep focus on inner growth and empowerment, you will learn some fundamental steps of Belly Dance whilst exploring free movement to enchanting traditional Eastern music. We will explore the energetic and spiritual levels of the moves and you will leave with the tools you need to start using the dance as a tool for transformation, creative expression and guidance!
This dance can help us move through grief, fear, shame and vulnerability as well as bliss, ecstasy and love. It is extremely beneficial in forming a deeper connection to your sexuality and womb, and building the courage to shine as a radiant, sensual goddess! As a practitioner of Womb and Fertility Massage, I have explored this practice as an integral part of healing from uterine conditions, sexual shame and trauma, and I have turned to the Dance in times of profound grief and pain. It is also wonderful for integrating inner transformation as realisation and understanding move out through your body to be understood fully. This really is a gift for all women!
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