SHAMANIC TRANCE DANCE JOURNEY with Lisa Bridge & Live music, percussion & drumming provided by sound alchemists Paul Cerigo and Ruth Ford.

Held in ceremonial and sacred space, supported by Lisa and the amazing percussive instrumental skills provided by Paul and Ruth, you will be guided to journey inward on and explore the power of self-healing found in trance dancing.

Trance dance has been used by our Ancestors and cultures across the globe to access altered states of consciousness for healing, insight and to connect deeply with Source. Bringing together movement, with rhythm, healing sounds and a specific  breathing techniques with the use of a blindfold,  we enter into the dance in an altered state of consciousness stimulating a trance state to access mental, physical and emotional and healing for spiritual awakening and connection to Source.

Please arrive on time and bring a scarf or bandana to use as a blindfold if you have one and plenty of water.



Lisa has been teaching and holding workshops on the alternative dance scene for 18 years exploring body/mind healing and self-empowerment through using dance, movement, meditation, sound and creativity and developing spirituality through the remembering and re-wylding of our native pathways. She is an artist and creator of the ‘Power Stone Cards’ to use for shamanic journaling and personal development.



Paul Cerigo is a trained dancer and has studied Capoeira and Afro-Brazilian rhythms and percussion.  Paul has been drumming and creating his unique ‘soundscapes’ for Leo Rutherford and the Eagle’s Wing Centre for Contemporary Shamanism since the late 1990s.

Ruth Ford’s love of musical ‘free-falling’ has led to numerous paths in the therapeutic field of sound. Drumming in the ceremony of Trance is one of her personal favourites. Her use of incorporating vocal and melodic improvisation with an assortment of instruments creates both magic and connection in the trance dance process.

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