Sika carries us into a world of earth wisdom and mystery. His music invokes a primal memory, soaring from lush rainforests to desert caves, from firesides to moonlit skies. Hypnotic rhythms that call us to dance upon the earth.

His concerts are dynamic and technically masterful, including up to thirty instruments in one performance. Ancient didgeridoo, double-skinned log drums, native flutes and obscure natural objects; mixed and looped live. Māori ‘singing treasures’ and evocative soundscapes from the Australian and New Zealand bush.

Sika is known for creating powerful cross-rhythms whilst sitting on his Taos drum – simultaneously playing didgeridoo, drum and percussion. He delights in the build; his concerts rise to an ecstatic crescendo of trance dance.

A unique sound artist with a passion for sonic exploration.



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