Raila: Breathing Art Mandala gathers various specialists, artists and their works to support tropical reforesting. Listen to the interviews and enjoy. Breathing Art Mandala community page collects nature mandalas and stories of empowerment and people’s sources of connection. Send in your own! We also provide awareness and empowerment workshops regarding climate change topic.

The trees are funded by our support circle and planted through worldwide TreeSisters -organization.



Following is an exert of TreeSisters’ tree strategy:

Our core focus is the tropical forest belt, located largely between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn.

  1. We focus primarily on regions where urgent forest restoration or conservation can reduce or help prevent further damage to the last frontiers of our remaining Intact Forests Landscapes. These remaining ancient forests are invaluable sanctuaries, with an amazing complexity of Life (biodiversity and ecological processes)
  2. We work to restore degraded forests with a broader goal in mind, such as creating corridors connecting protected areas and/or intact forests landscapes.
  3. We consider afforestation (tree planting in areas that have never been forested) where serious soil and land degradation compounded by water scarcity severely impact life and threaten nearby ecosystems. Planting where survival rates are high, where it increases resilience to climate change and brings significant ecological and social benefit (without negative impacts) can be both possible and desirable.
  4. We look for countries that are the lowest performers on IUCN’s gender and environment index (meaning the worst treatment of women) (treesisters.org)

Advice from a tree

If in doubt, share.

All that you have

And all that you need

Are right there,

If you stand,

Sink your roots,


And allow.

~Clare Dubois, founder of TreeSisters


A lot more information on the tropical reforestation and empowering women and feminine: TreeSisters.org

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