We are the powerful women who are walking on this Earth

Come with me – let’s dance together

 Come with me – let’s sing this song

‘Thrive’ workshops are the unique original blend of Magdalena’s spiritual music woven into the community spirit inviting all to use their voices, drum and dance.
During this unique workshop Magdalena will focus on love & connection using her songs of feminine beauty & power. As a qualified music and Shakti Dance teacher Magdalena shares her music and skilfully teaches her original chants and songs to the audience, gradually introducing more instruments and more freedom of expression. We will listen into our inner power, creating our positive affirmations and dancing them out, drumming and singing together.  Magdalena creates a thriving environment, leading all to the community music making, full of exuberant joy and healing.
If you have, please bring your drums, shakers and music instruments.
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