Coming Home to Mother Earth. (2hours)

We are being asked now… to come into our bodies in a way that for us feels new. It was only understood by the ancient ones who carried wisdom from the stars, who created the megaliths, and understood geometries, physics and healing in very different ways.  The current beliefs carried through generations about our forms, about our flesh and bones have led us away from these sacred vessels.  It is OK, it is our time, to come home and realign to our potential.

In this opening session, we work with our Earth channels through our feet, pelvis, spine and breath. The White Shell yoga is a shamanic kriya, a movement journey weaving us home to Mother Earth, and aligning us to this communion…. Body as Earth, Earth as Body.

The intentions for this session are to prepare us for the festival weekend… to say hello to the local spirits of Nature, and to acknowledge our sacred dance with all of life.

Live music and sound accompanies our gathering and allows expression to be the meeting place where the heart, body, nature and spirit pray together.


Kimba Bridgeman

Kimba Bridgeman is a shamanic healer and mentor, Kundalini yoga and White shell yoga teacher and bodywork practitioner. Her work is sacred embodiment and carries a white shell wisdom that assists us in recovering our intimate connections with Mother Earth and realigning our energies through the crystalline nature of our human body to both receive and express frequencies of light and information that are possible in this life time.  She knows that so many of us here are carrying the torch of our ancestors and descendants, that they are all supporting our next step in human potential and that the human body is a wisdom vessel for this expression. We are of Earth and Stars.

Kimba has 25 years of experience as a healing practitioner and she has a life dedicated to the dance between the form and the formless, the meeting of matter and energy.  She is a mother of two young girls, director and teacher for Shaman College and founder of White Shell Yoga.  Kimba works with private clients and holds immersive healing retreats throughout the year.

As a child, Kimba danced in communion with the trees, animals and waters, and as a young adult she became a professional ballet dancer.  Then, she was torn from her body…resulting in multiple physical injuries and psycho-spiritual illnesses which led her on a path of self-discovery and healing… where did our human forms come from and why do we have them, how do they connect us to spirit, what is true expression, how do we heal our hearts and bodies, how can we navigate the darkness and reveal its gifts, how are our bodies related to our purpose, and how can I serve humanity?

Her studies and qualifications include multiple pilates, movement and massage modalities, a certification in structural myo-fascial bodywork, Aston Patterning practitioner, Franklin Method educator, Kundalini Yoga teacher, BodyTalk practitioner, Certified Shamanic Practitioner and teacher, gong sound healing training, and a bachelor’s degree in anthropology from the University of Washington where she coupled her studies with the life sciences of biology, chemistry, physics and physiology. She continues her studies and communion with the spirits and teachers, and endlessly explores the vast connections, knowing that the spiritual, physical, and emotional realms are One on this Earth and in this beautiful Universe.  We all have a sacred place here.

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