Our relationship to Self, others and the natural world

Amba will be offering yoga workshops which invite participants to explore their relationship  to themselves and the natural world.

As the wisdom teachings state, everything is in a state of flux. In the world there is chaos, preservation and destruction as there is within each of us. Everything in nature is transient yet throughout this there is a natural intelligence, the loving silence that sees, includes and holds all.

I hope to hold a universal space, where together we explore and share how we see and connect with our surroundings.

What are our own apparent obstacles that prevent us from holding a greater vision?

Are we seeing ourselves and the world from genuine awe or from inner conflict?

Using embodied yoga practices which celebrate aliveness, gratitude and a heart felt response to all that is, lets celebrate the beauty around us, within us and in each other.

Workshops will blend yoga, somatics and intuitive movement to help us explore and freely express what is arising moment to moment. We will orientate from a place of inner presence, and welcome in a call to love all aspects of our inner and outer world.

We come home to what is and who we are in all our multifaceted glory.

“I am here as a fellow human, yogi, facilitator of movement and spiritual investigation, lets co create this workshop together.”

Amba has been studying and teaching yoga for 16 years. Having established firm foundations in the wisdom and depth of Integral Yoga, Amba went on to study Scaravelli and somatic approaches to movement and yoga. From this Amba has own blend of guiding an intuitive embodied compassionate approach to yoga. Her calling to love and deepen into truth brought her to Satsang with Satyananda 15 or so years ago, whose guidance into the heart of Yoga, reality and Love has allowed a deeper understanding and a ongoing unfolding of truth, love, acceptance and integration of the wisdom teachings. www.ambasyoga.co.uk

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