Sing from your heart – Eloise

Sing from your heart Find your voice and feel safe, free and happy in a fun environment creating beautiful noise bringing you back to your heart centre Let go of any inhabitions and play with [...]

Caradon Kirtan

Caradon Kirtan began in 2019 with Agata and Julie, two bhakti yogis from the beautiful Caradon area of Cornwall. Julie’s bhakti journey began in the mid 1980’s after an emotional breakdown and [...]

Sunny Davidson

Sunny Davidson is a singer-songwriter, song carrier, ceremonial drummer and multi instrumentalist. During his time journeying with the sacred fire of Itzatchilatlan and drumming for tobacco [...]

Healing with Sacred Sounds

. . In the Deep Relaxation Space Ammaprema Grace will be offering some deep relaxation sessions with very gentle Sacred Sounds. She works with Her Gong, Tibetan and Crystal bowls and Solfeggio [...]

Mystic Loop Project

Adrian atma It’s first a breath of fire and a wind of expansion. it’s a travel in the whole world in one song, an orchestra in one body, a whisper from the soul. The concert “Mystic [...]

Nalini & Friends

. . Ceremonial Concert with Nalini & Friends . Nalini is an internationally renowned singer-songwriter, sound healer, ceremonialist and workshop facilitator. Over the last 20 years, she has [...]

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