Tulsi’s Temple

Soma Yoga – Tulsi’s Temple – A Soma Yoga Nidra and Sound Journey Experience with Nicole and Gisela Russo.  Using Nidra techniques, Shamanic Journeying, Soma Yoga and Sound bathing we will [...]

Loving Your Body Space

  Loving Your Body Space – Soma Yoga for your 5 Elements.  Yoga refers to an action of yoking or harnessing. The 2 powers that must be harnessed are the life force and the inner intelligence. [...]

Blazing into Self Mastery

Blazing into Self Mastery- Sangeeta Chohan Pranayama Workshop At Colourfest we will be exploring a practice that facilitates the cleansing of the subconscious mind to release years/life-mes of [...]

Lula Rose McGill

Vinyasa Flow for Intermediate Students Lula will guide you through the next 90 minutes with creative vinyasa sequences designed to increase strength, flexibility and breath awareness. With a [...]

Yoga with Amba

Our relationship to Self, others and the natural world Amba will be offering yoga workshops which invite participants to explore their relationship  to themselves and the natural world. As the [...]


Bioenergetics is a Body-based Therapy and Step-Up Tool that removes emotional holding patterns from your muscle system. You can use Bioenergetics in two ways… …. as a Therapy, to free yourself [...]

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