We are on site now and are building this gathering inspired by a love of unfolding depth and beauty in life.  There is a rhythm in the way that we are flowing and working together and working together in blistering heat, thunderstorms and rain has been immense.   We are a group of friends and the joy for us is found in how we work together as a team.  We are a very small crew with a lot to do and carried by the wonder that is Colourfest, and the knowledge of what we are bringing to your doorstep.

In the final stages now we welcome you to join us in a unique festival.  Small  but full of heart we invite you to move freely, to explore, to dance, to learn, to meet and to open.  We invite you to flow, to love, to move to a different rhythm.  We invite you to put down all you thought you knew and look again.

Please find a Draft copy for you to get a sense of what we are offering this year.  THE FINAL one will be at the Colourfest Office on site for £1.  We will post it to the website but its in A3 so may be small for you to read.

The weather is looking good – so we wish you a safe and easy journey and look forward to welcoming you soon.



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