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“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”  Nietzsche


The Urubu Collective

Introducing the UK’s first Ecstatic Dance Band!! The URUBU Collective! Formed in 2008, we play live music for our unique Ecstatic Dance/Moving Meditation Events.

 Seth formed the URUBU Collective in 2008, inspired by his early years living in India with the Indian Mystic OSHO. Since then he’s been running events regularly in the centre of London, where between 40-80 people come together to explore energy, movement and consciousness. These events are high energy ecstatic dance gatherings with outstanding professional musicians assembled for your dancing delight!

Dance meditations are guided by Seth, a percussionist and transformational arts facilitator with over 22 years personal experience of Conscious Dance, Body Psychotherapy, Tantra and Active Meditations.
Along with various trainings in body/mind therapies. He is a certified Pulsing bodyworker, Art of Being© teacher, Tantric Trance Dance facilitator and graduate of the Humanistic Alchemy facilitator training. He brings a wealth of experience holding heart centred spaces.

Weaving transformational tools into his events, Seth and the URUBU Collective empower us to shout out, “YES!” to all that we are.


5 Rhythms with aLive and Sophia Campeau-Ferman

“Sophia Campeau- Ferman has been a 5 Rhythms dance teacher for over 25 years and is trained by Gabrielle Roth, the founder of the 5 Rhythms. She is a passionate dancer and teacher, ‘Working with the musicians from Alive is the best of the best. It is like the highest love for life, in a creative crescendo of dance and music.’ Alive are a collective of musicians brought together by Mark Fisher to create live music for movement practices. They have worked with Sophia for the last four years and have just released their first studio recordings. They are very much looking forward to playing with Sophia at Colourfest and hope to share the dance space with you… the combination of live musicians, embodied dancers and creative facilitator is where the magic happens.

Movement of Being with Fanny

An invitation and a deep but gentle dive into the body and a fresh, felt experience of what it is to be immersed in the simplicity and mystery of the present moment.  Live music for the sessions will be provided by the dynamic line-up of Adrian Freedman, Rowan Sterk, Ravi Kora and Iwan Kushka, playing a variety of instruments and evoking moods from the gently lyrical to the fiery ecstatic.”
 No experience is needed, just a willingness to open to what arises and an interest to explore what it means to be alive, now.
Fanny is co founder of Movement of Being, and has been teaching Embodied Presence work for twenty years.
IMG_4340 copy

“Wild Grace in the Woods-  5 Rhythms and dancing delight

We will use silent disco headsets to take part in a 5 Rhythms classes out in the delicious deep green woods on site- letting us find the freedom of dancing together in areas of outstanding beauty- with no noise pollution to the surrounding environment. The 5 Rhythms is a dynamic movement practice that ignites creativity, connection, and community.  Classes are taught by accredited 5 Rhythms facilitator Tess Howell. There are no steps to learn, nothing to get right, just being with our own body as we move to the music. No dance experience is necessary.  Please note places are limited to 22 participants per session due to headset numbers.

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“Just as the ancients danced to call upon the spirits in nature,we too can dance to find the spirits within ourselvesthat have been long buried and forgotten.”
                   Anna Halprin”

Embodied Presence

These workshops are an embodiment of the heart, allowing our own hearts to lead us into an intimate dance with our own inner being and then out into the dance of polarity and finally into community. A selection of workshops exploring different aspects of relationship beginning with ourselves.
Workshop 1: Here I am 
 Our first relationship is with ourselves.  Body First – arriving, moving, touching the earth I feel supported….. Sensations, attention, heat, light, pressure….curiosity waking up…. It’s ok to be just as I am
Through dance, movement, experiential anatomy and enquiry we dive into an exploration of ourselves as sensate heartful beings, ready to meet the world.
Workshop 2: The Meeting Place
 The beating heart, rested breath, giving space as Man, as Woman.  
Marinading in the flavours of polarity, we dance as Man, as Woman. 
In the midst of the dance I open to my heart. To let it be my  feeling intelligent center.
We come together and explore the Meeting Place. 
As Man, as Woman.
Workshop 3: The Dance of Connection or Making Connections.
Can I truly be myself in the dance of relationship…..
……How can we nurture relationships to thrive with difference and want what we want…….. Is compromise necessary……  
This is a moving exploration of meeting hearts, intimate with ourselves, allowing of our desires, and our wants in the dance of relationship.
Richard Parker

Contact Improvisation ~ with Richard Parker

Contact Improvisation (CI) is a often described as a deeply intimate dance practice, where we learn to both find ourselves in movement and communicate our desire to flow together, whilst being in contact with other bodies.
CI is a practice of how two or more bodies move together as one in physical contact, within a spontaneously unfolding improvise dance.  It can be playful, sensitive, quiet or energetic and involves sharing weight with lots of dynamic movements ranging anywhere between lifting and flying to rolling and sliding across the floor.
Within this workshop we will exploring ways to give and receive structural support, how to manage weight exchange between two or more moving bodies, and begin to awaken our bodies capacity for tactile listening and presence.  Resulting in an experiential sense of the fundamental skills that begin to facilitate a timeless, expansive and flowing dance.
Here is a short video to show you what it looks like:

Richard Parker began dancing Contact Improvisation in 2006.  Since then he has extensively explored this form with many inspiring international teachers from around the world, including Nita Little, Andrew Harwood, Ray Chung, Martin Keogh, Scott Wells, Benno Voorham, Joerg Hassmann & Daniel Werner and has been teaching himself for over 6 years. His focus is on developing effortless movement without force that brings both energy and listening into the dance. Using a grounded and relaxed approach he enjoys sharing his understanding of the principle movements within CI as a way into finding a deep and real connection within ourselves.   For Richard CI is all about connectivity, co-creation, trust, support, awareness, presence and committing to the moment and how through this practice we can embody these principles into our lives.

Dance & Movement

Sam Bloomfield

Arc improvised movement workshops

We all have the innate potential to discover new creative and collaborative ways of being. Our habits can serve this unfolding or inhibit it, at times we need to stabilise and center ourselves, at other times we need to leap into the unknown. This movement work is not about what it looks like to others, but about its authenticity and capacity to nourish ourselves and our ability to relate ‘whole heartedly’, while deepening our spontaneous connection with the qualities of play and imagination.

Arc is inspired by the work of many movers and therapists including Adler, Jung, Natalie and Carol Rogers, Gabriel Roth, Anna Halprin and Arnold Mindell. This is your invitation to continually grow into more freedom and connectedness in daily life.


sometimes without music

from within

contacting the human-animal body

inspired by Authentic Movement


from body work into movement

fostering connection with others and the environment

exploring inter-dependency

in contact with the earth and others

inspired by Contact Improvisation and Transformational body work


developing and following what’s new and unfolding

playful and spontaneous

stretching the edges of what’s known

facilitating multi-media artistic enquiry

inspired by performance, poetry and visual art making

Brazilian Forro

Brazilian Forró

Brazilian Forró

Andy and Julia teach the Brazilian folk dance of Forró which is danced in pairs to the uplifting sounds of the accordian, triangle and drum and with lyrics that take you on a journey to the north east of Brazil where it all began.

The dance is simple to learn, and lots of fun. Everyone is welcome to give it a go, and to discover there is no greater feeling than dancing cheek to cheek to the wonderful Brazilian rhythms.

Come and join us!


Dancing Freedom with Sophie

Dancing Freedom is a guided movement meditation practice inspired by the five elements: earth, water, fire, air and ether. We all dance, every time we take a breath. It’s something everyone – men, women, children and elders can all do and done together, as a community it builds joy, ease and confidence. (At Colourfest this year, we will be offering a facilitated dance space for children and adults to dance together!) IT FEELS GOOD. It feels like FREEDOM.


About Sophie:

Witnessing the uninterrupted flow of a small child dancing – totally random and totally natural; a pure expression of play, gives Sophie inspiration every time she holds a session. Teaching yoga asana, meditation and relaxation since 2009, dancing 5 rhythms since 2003, Sophie has always had, as far back as she can remember, a deep desire to dance/move to music as soul-food. It brings her the greatest pleasure to facilitate/DJ Dancing Freedom as a form of meditation and soul nurturing to all ages (since 2014).

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