Dance & Intelligent Movement

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”  Nietzsche


The Urubu Collective

Introducing the UK’s first Ecstatic Dance Band!! The URUBU Collective! Formed in 2008, we play live music for our unique Ecstatic Dance/Moving Meditation Events.

 Seth formed the URUBU Collective in 2008, inspired by his early years living in India with the Indian Mystic OSHO. Since then he’s been running events regularly in the centre of London, where between 40-80 people come together to explore energy, movement and consciousness. These events are high energy ecstatic dance gatherings with outstanding professional musicians assembled for your dancing delight!

Dance meditations are guided by Seth, a percussionist and transformational arts facilitator with over 22 years personal experience of Conscious Dance, Body Psychotherapy, Tantra and Active Meditations.
Along with various trainings in body/mind therapies. He is a certified Pulsing bodyworker, Art of Being© teacher, Tantric Trance Dance facilitator and graduate of the Humanistic Alchemy facilitator training. He brings a wealth of experience holding heart centred spaces.

Weaving transformational tools into his events, Seth and the URUBU Collective empower us to shout out, “YES!” to all that we are.


5 Rhythms with aLive and Sophia Campeau-Ferman

“Sophia Campeau- Ferman has been a 5 Rhythms dance teacher for over 25 years and is trained by Gabrielle Roth, the founder of the 5 Rhythms. She is a passionate dancer and teacher, ‘Working with the musicians from Alive is the best of the best. It is like the highest love for life, in a creative crescendo of dance and music.’ Alive are a collective of musicians brought together by Mark Fisher to create live music for movement practices. They have worked with Sophia for the last four years and have just released their first studio recordings. They are very much looking forward to playing with Sophia at Colourfest and hope to share the dance space with you… the combination of live musicians, embodied dancers and creative facilitator is where the magic happens.


Dream Element is a collaboration between Will Softmore and Rowan Sterk.

You are invited to drop deeply into yourself. This is a space to move, to be still, to meditate, to play, to listen and express, to be transported beyond the everyday and the mundane and to find the profound truth within. 

This unique experience is not a workshop, but it is not quite a gig either (in the conventional sense). It lives in the space between worlds. Will and Rowan will pull on their resources and skills as experienced space holders and virtuoso musicians to create a powerful, gentle, transformative and yet safe, journey. Original and evocative live music will be provided by their band ~Dream Element~ 

Atmospherically, it is a fusion of styles: ambient and dynamic, ancient and modern, combining and fusing resonant sounds that will awaken your senses and move your emotions and feet. We incorporate various exotic acoustic and electronic instruments into our rich repository.

We have been building and creating our unique and deep friendship and sound over months and years. It is a fusion of styles, ancient and modern, combining and fusing resonances that will awaken your senses and move your emotions and feet. We incorporate didgeridoo, drums, percussion, bells, cymbals and gongs, guitar, chimes and rattles, piano, shimmering electronic synths, arpeggios and baselines, voice, sound recordings from distant lands and even leaves into our hypnotic evolving soundscape. It will be rich and deep and uniquely original. Come and be moved…

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Movement of Being with Fanny

An invitation and a deep but gentle dive into the body and a fresh, felt experience of what it is to be immersed in the simplicity and mystery of the present moment.  Live music for the sessions will be provided by the dynamic line-up of Adrian Freedman, Rowan Sterk, Ravi Kora and Iwan Kushka, playing a variety of instruments and evoking moods from the gently lyrical to the fiery ecstatic.”
 No experience is needed, just a willingness to open to what arises and an interest to explore what it means to be alive, now.
Fanny is co founder of Movement of Being, and has been teaching Embodied Presence work for twenty years.
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As Wild as the Wind- a woodland based 5Rhythms workshop for women

Sometimes as women we are soft summer breezes, caressing everything we touch. Sometime it feel more like an irrational, irrepressible storm arises from somewhere within us and sweeps on through. How do we stay with all that arises within us?  How do we make the space to tend our sweet-soul nature,  when we often spend so much time nurturing those around us? We will dance outdoors and use sharing circle and ceremony to tend to our wild soul, to heed to those whispers of intuition we hear on the wind- and come back to what is wild and wonder-filled within us

Please note places are limited to 22 participants per session due to headset numbers.

Tess Howell is an accredited 5Rhythms teacher whom specialises in teaching outdoors in the woods and wilds. Since 2013 she has been leading “Waves On The Beach” and “Wild Grace” sessions using silent disco headsets to facilitate dancing outdoors in spectacular settings. She also offers a 5 Rhythms based Rites of Passage- see more at as part of 5 Rhythms Reach Out.


‘I get great pleasure from being on this this dancing path. There is such beauty in being with the beat, the breath, in our body being in motion…. The majority of my teaching happens outdoors –for me there is something about deeply nurturing about moving in nature; allowing us to connect deeper to self, to others and to the wider world around us.”

For more info please see
“Just as the ancients danced to call upon the spirits in nature,we too can dance to find the spirits within ourselvesthat have been long buried and forgotten.”
                   Anna Halprin”

Leigh Tolson

A mix of awesome world beat tunes creating a seamless harmonic dance journey for your body soul integration!

Leigh Tolson is Bristol’s well known 5 Rhythms conscious dance DJ who has been serving the dance tribe with Natural Dance on a Wed Night in Cotham for over 14 years. 


Embodied Presence

These workshops are an embodiment of the heart, allowing our own hearts to lead us into an intimate dance with our own inner being and then out into the dance of polarity and finally into community. A selection of workshops exploring different aspects of relationship beginning with ourselves.
Workshop 1: Here I am 
 Our first relationship is with ourselves.  Body First – arriving, moving, touching the earth I feel supported….. Sensations, attention, heat, light, pressure….curiosity waking up…. It’s ok to be just as I am
Through dance, movement, experiential anatomy and enquiry we dive into an exploration of ourselves as sensate heartful beings, ready to meet the world.
Workshop 2: The Meeting Place
 The beating heart, rested breath, giving space as Man, as Woman.  
Marinading in the flavours of polarity, we dance as Man, as Woman. 
In the midst of the dance I open to my heart. To let it be my  feeling intelligent center.
We come together and explore the Meeting Place. 
As Man, as Woman.
Workshop 3: The Dance of Connection or Making Connections.
Can I truly be myself in the dance of relationship…..
……How can we nurture relationships to thrive with difference and want what we want…….. Is compromise necessary……  
This is a moving exploration of meeting hearts, intimate with ourselves, allowing of our desires, and our wants in the dance of relationship.
Richard Parker

Contact Improvisation ~ with Richard Parker

Somatic Improvisations with Richard Parker

Working with somatic movements and group improvisation scores to awaken the body mind connection, stimulate our sense of presence and explore our creative capacities within movement.

Contact Improvisation with Richard Parker

Contact Improvisation (CI) is a often described as a deeply intimate dance practice, where we learn to both find ourselves in movement and communicate our desire to flow together, whilst being in contact with other bodies.

CI is a practice of how two or more bodies move together as one in physical contact, within a spontaneously unfolding improvise dance. It can be playful, sensitive, quiet or energetic and involves sharing weight with lots of dynamic movements ranging anywhere between lifting and flying to rolling and sliding across the floor.

Within this workshop we will exploring ways to give and receive structural support, how to manage weight exchange between two or more moving bodies, and begin to awaken our bodies capacity for tactile listening and presence.  Resulting in an experiential sense of the fundamental skills that begin to facilitate a timeless, expansive and flowing dance.

Contact Improvisation Jam with Richard Parker

A short guided warm up into a free creative exploration of Contact Improvisation with live musicians.

Richard Parker began dancing Contact Improvisation in 2006.  Since then he has extensively explored this form with many inspiring international teachers from around the world, including Nita Little, Andrew Harwood, Ray Chung, Martin Keogh, Scott Wells, Benno Voorham, Joerg Hassmann & Daniel Werner and has been teaching himself for over 6 years. His focus is on developing effortless movement without force that brings both energy and listening into the dance. Using a grounded and relaxed approach he enjoys sharing his understanding of the principle movements within CI as a way into finding a deep and real connection within ourselves.   For Richard CI is all about connectivity, co-creation, trust, support, awareness, presence and committing to the moment and how through this practice we can embody these principles into our lives.

Art of Listening 3

Ansuman – supporting the CI workshops

Ansuman Biswas was born in India and grew up in the UK. He has an international practice ranging across music, film, live art, installation, architecture, dance, writing and theatre.

Growing from his Hindu family traditions he has, since his teens and early twenties, established a unique personal practice incorporating meditation, music, and improvisation into an integrated way of embodiment and compassion.

Over the last few years his work has included directing Shakespeare in America, translating Tagore’s poetry from the Bengali, designing underwater sculptures in the Red Sea, living with wandering minstrels in India, being employed as an ornamental hermit in the English countryside, touring with Björk, spending two days blindfolded in an unknown place, travelling with shamans in the Gobi Desert, playing with Oasis, collaborating with neuroscientists in Arizona, living for a week with absolutely nothing but what spectators chose to give him, co-ordinating grassroots activists in Soweto, being sealed in a box for ten days with no food or light, making a musical in a maximum security prison, re-designing Maidstone High Street, being a soloist with the London Philharmonic Orchestra, bathing strangers, running seminars on democracy for monks in a Burmese monastery, making a radio telescope sing and dance, being locked in a Gothic Tower alone for forty days and nights, singing for 24 hours non-stop, and even flying on a real magic carpet at the Cosmonauts Training Facility, Star City, Moscow.

From amongst these varied activities he keeps returning to music, playing in many varied contexts from free jazz to Indian Classical, from pop to industrial noise, from celtic folk to contemporary classical. He has been commissioned by the Sonic Arts Network, the National Theatre, the Royal Ballet, the English National Opera and Guangdong Modern Dance Company in China as well as numerous other ensembles, film-makers, theatre and dance companies around the world.

Ansuman is also a highly accomplished teacher and workshop leader, designing events and programmes for diverse participants. He has used Open Space Technology to facilitate multi-cultural and inter-disciplinary groups in the UK, India, Scandinavia, USA, South Africa, South America, and China.

Sam Bloomfield

Arc improvised movement workshops

We all have the innate potential to discover new creative and collaborative ways of being. Our habits can serve this unfolding or inhibit it, at times we need to stabilise and center ourselves, at other times we need to leap into the unknown. This movement work is not about what it looks like to others, but about its authenticity and capacity to nourish ourselves and our ability to relate ‘whole heartedly’, while deepening our spontaneous connection with the qualities of play and imagination.

Arc is inspired by the work of many movers and therapists including Adler, Jung, Natalie and Carol Rogers, Gabriel Roth, Anna Halprin and Arnold Mindell. This is your invitation to continually grow into more freedom and connectedness in daily life.


sometimes without music

from within

contacting the human-animal body

inspired by Authentic Movement


from body work into movement

fostering connection with others and the environment

exploring inter-dependency

in contact with the earth and others

inspired by Contact Improvisation and Transformational body work


developing and following what’s new and unfolding

playful and spontaneous

stretching the edges of what’s known

facilitating multi-media artistic enquiry

inspired by performance, poetry and visual art making

Brazilian Forro

Brazilian Forró

Brazilian Forró

Andy and Julia teach the Brazilian folk dance of Forró which is danced in pairs to the uplifting sounds of the accordian, triangle and drum and with lyrics that take you on a journey to the north east of Brazil where it all began. The dance is simple to learn, and lots of fun. Everyone is welcome to give it a go, and to discover there is no greater feeling than dancing cheek to cheek to the wonderful Brazilian rhythms.

Andy and Julia are actually brother & sister and together they created Forró Family! They have been sharing their love for the Brazilian folk dance of Forró for over 10 years, welcoming anyone interested to move and connect through dance with gentle folk sounds to inspire and guide us.

Their classes are simple, friendly and fun and basically involve a lot of hugging to music! We ease into connection through rhythm, sounds and the close embrace, to begin the journey of dancing as one and enjoying the flow of moving in tune with each other, through this wonderful, simple and sensual dance!

At Colourfest this year enjoy our two workshops – Sensual Brazilian partner dancing – Forró! & Dancing together as one – Brazilian Forró! We also have our musicians with us so come and enjoy the full experience.



Dancing Freedom with Sophie

Dancing Freedom is a facilitated movement meditation dance practice accompanied by sumptuous and inspiring music, djayed from stunning artists across from the board. The practice draws upon the five elements, (earth, water, fire, air and ether) as symbols for the tangible relationship between the natural world and the body. In each session a theme is offered up as inspiration to create an intention which the dancer gets to move with. It could be a personal or collective matter to meditate upon, bringing the dancer and the whole group into the present together as the business of the head makes way for the awareness of body.

It’s a non judgemental, down-to-earth and playful space to let go and dance in. A great way to get fit and feel joy! Everyone is welcome!

With eight years of experience as a facilitator of yoga and dance for adults and children with ‘special’ and ‘typical’ needs and her more recent experience as a DJ, Sophie is passionate about dance, knowing all her life that when she dances she feels free. Her work is dedicated to facilitating dance spaces where people of all ages and backgrounds can be more in touch with themselves through the art of feeling present to life. 



Ignite your Creativity or ‘A ritual dismemberment of the book of measurement.’ Sam Bloomfield

This out of the box workshop uses insights from neuroscience and creative arts therapy to celebrate play and experimentation. It breaks our identification with the past, and with ideas of right/wrong, judgement and criticism. We appear to obsessed with getting things right, and getting answers. Instead this workshop is about dissolving the status quo, freeing the adult to play again and rediscovering our natural delight in collaboration, artistic creativity and infinite possibility. Participants are facilitated through game, movement, posture and music towards individual and social freedom.

‘Wow, I just loved that, I am speechless.’ James 2017

‘How you got the attention of the room with your first exercise was just incredible. I feel like a different person than I was two hours ago.’ Sharon 2017

‘You have a gift for this, where do I sign up?’ Shaun 2017

Dance & Movement

DJ Will Softmore

Will Softmore is a mystic musician/producer/poet and has been DJing, making music, playing in bands and holding deep and powerful workshops and spaces of transformation both in the UK and abroad for about 15 years. He plays resonant acoustic instruments such as didgeridoo, guitar, piano, Tibetan singing bowls, drums and electronic instruments and loves working with this combination of ancient and modern technology together. His DJ sets have a reputation for being deep and ecstatic, spanning the profound and the playful and his selections are always delicious. He has trained in various healing and therapeutic arts and has held trance dance, ecstatic dance, contact improvisation, sound baths, devotional chanting circles and Somatic Flow (a restorative embodiment practice he created) world-wide at festivals, yoga centres and retreat centres with much appreciation and acclaim.

You can find out more about Will on his website:


Dancing Heart Path Journey – awakening, celebrating & integrating the Sacred Masculine & Feminine inside us all.  & Dj Colibri – Tribal Dance set

Guy Barrington is an inspirational Dancing Heart Path Facilitator, a Shamanic Trance Dance guyde, an empowering Life Coach, full time single Dad, Dj Colibri, Empowering Course designer and Evolutionary Trainer, beginning Artist and creator of Bliss Conscious Clubbing in Sweden, Norway, Denmark & Czech Republic.

He currently runs Dancing Heart Path Schools in Czech Republic and Denmark, with more Schools opening in Holland, Norway & UK over next few years.

His ‘work’ is the natural extension of all he has realized to be good and true, and is an invitation to come back to our Natural Essence, our Heart Presence and potential. From this awareness, he encourages us to bring our vision, value, passion and purpose out into our everyday existence and relationships.

Guy has studied Meditation, Intuitive Counseling, Shamanism, Tantra, Creative Process, Myths & Archetypes, Conscious Parenting, Healing, Qi Gong, Life Coaching & Conscious Relating for over 30 years and many other things metaphysical and magical!

His work elegantly weaves imagination with inspiration, intuition with purposeful and instinctual action, embracing all aspects of our relational, creative nature.  And, at the same time, he gives space for our inherent spaciousness, our Beingness and pure potency.

Guy can be reached at;

His website is;

You Tube:





Bliss Conscious Clubbing;


and The Dancing Heart Path;



Honouring the spirit of place and the ever changing energy of our galaxy, conscious dance DJ, Steve Anderson, takes you on an expansive and ecstatic journey inspired by the wisdom of Mother Nature and the healing power of dance.

With a background in underground dance music, African drumming, sacred sound and conscious dance, Steve magically weaves songs and sounds from an eclectic mix of artists from around the world, creating a unique blend of music to dance and journey with.

Come and celebrate life through dance and movement. Let freedom and expression flow from you. Dance with your dreams. Dance with your ancestors. Dance to feel alive.


Dancing Warrior

We will bring together principles of Aikido and Contact Improvisation to allow people to create safe boundaries for themselves as they enter into more intimate relationships with others. Bringing awareness to patterns and preferences of relating – how we enter into, are in, and leave relationships. Allowing for greater choice and agency around how we want to be in relationship.

Christina Dohr

Christina began practicing martial arts 17 years ago and is particularly inspired by the philosophy of Aikido, in which she holds a black belt. She brings together a range of different disciplines including yoga, dance, meditation and martial arts, and completed her training as an Embodiment Facilitator last year. Using principles learned she aims to bring greater awareness to who we are and how we live and guide embodied explorations for personal growth and deepening relationships.

David Basak

David discovered contact improvisation 6 years ago and has been passionately dancing since. He has been sharing his experience at festivals and in London and is keen on emphasising the playful nature of this dance form, making it accessible to anyone to discover and enjoy a new and creative way of connecting with others.

For more information please contact us at:


Sonalle LaMariposa – Embodied Moves

Sonalle thirsts for a deeper knowledge & understanding of the meaning of universal life. She travelled for almost 10 years through Europe, Asia and Latin America absorbing & flowing through the kaleidoscope of cultures & sights encountered.

Since returning to London, Sonalle has been deeply driven by the desire to continue transforming her journey. Having communicated profound narratives through the photographic lens, Sonalle redirected her focus within, experiencing poignant transformations through deep Vipassana. The inner changes led Sonalle on the path of uncovering the potency of expressive moving meditations & Tantra.

Sonalle combines the knowledge & powerful experiences gained from diverse personal development trainings, with teachings received from some of the most renowned Tantra teachers. She offers an intricate fusion, exploring the process of embodiment & presence through art, movement, mindfulness & touch.

Sonalle interweaves the most transforming processes to create an invitation for you to connect more deeply with your truth.

Welcome to being more Embodied.
Welcome to Embodied Moves.


Kundalini Body Art

Connect with your creativity & awaken your potential through moving meditation & mindful body art.
Open to the flow of life & self-expression whilst exploring kundalini energy with sumptuous body art. Experience the freedom of imagination & connection through painting & being painted, adoring & being adored. In a safe nurturing space, invite your deep river of creativity to flow freely into the ocean of life.



Ginastica Natural with Giuseppe Vitolo

What is Ginastica Natural®?

It is a complete body-weight training method that develops physical qualities like strength, power, endurance, mobility, durability, balance, flexibility, coordination – resulting in quality of life, muscle tone, weight-loss plus a better performance among others and through breathing techniques provides the practitioner with great progress in mental and motor control.

Ginastica Natural® was developed in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 25 years ago by world-fitness leader, Professor Alvaro Romano. Based on the ground movements of Jiu-Jitsu and adapting ancient techniques, modern and natural to the spirit of women and men in a completely and unique manner, Ginastica Natural® is considered a revolutionary training method.

Giuseppe Vitolo is a Colombian/Italian is the co-founder of MALOCA a Capoeira Professor, Purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Ginastica Natural L3 Instructor since May 2013.

Giuseppe had been living and teaching in the UK since 2001 and moved with his family to Bournemouth in 2014 where he teaches adults and children both in group classes and one to one integrating nutrition and general wellbeing.

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