'God will come to and through those who move. To those who dance' Rumi

Dance & Intelligent Movement

Whats New for the 2017 event?

We have a new site plan and venue in 2017, and have something special lined up for the dance space.

1.  Woodland Cathedral –  an nature space in which to move, to dance, to breath.  Insatiable rhythms and inspired sounds to influence this journey.

2. Dedicated Dance and Movement Space with tutored and guided sessions, live music collaborative ‘Jams’ with live artists.

3. In some of our dance workshop sessions we are inviting you into ‘Integrated Finales‘ where our workshops come together for a collaborative, unplanned, spontaneous and innovative dance experience.



Dance Collaboration

3 workshops & A Collaborative Dance Jam


Artists TBC

“To move from a place of authenticity”


Artists TBC

“To move from a place of authenticity”.


Artists TBC

“To move from a place of authenticity”

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“Wild Grace in the Woods-  5 Rhythms and dancing delight

We will use silent disco headsets to take part in a 5 Rhythms classes out in the delicious deep green woods on site- letting us find the freedom of dancing together in areas of outstanding beauty- with no noise pollution to the surrounding environment. The 5 Rhythms is a dynamic movement practice that ignites creativity, connection, and community.  Classes are taught by accredited 5 Rhythms facilitator Tess Howell. There are no steps to learn, nothing to get right, just being with our own body as we move to the music. No dance experience is necessary.  Please note places are limited to 22 participants per session due to headset numbers.

For more info please see www.wild-grace.com
“Just as the ancients danced to call upon the spirits in nature,we too can dance to find the spirits within ourselvesthat have been long buried and forgotten.”
                   Anna Halprin”
Dance & Movement

Ecstatic Dance / Somatic Flow
Will Softmore with Rowan Sterk

For 10+ years Will has been composing, producing and DJing beautiful high-vibration electronic, ambient and healing music, supporting the expansion of consciousness and well-being through ecstatic dance, trance dance, contact improvisation, somatic/free movement and “sonic yoga”. Bringing this rich experience as well as his his love of meditation, the Dharma, somatic and healing practices, he will be playing two live sets at Colourfest: an ecstatic uptempo set of deep beats and juicy basslines and a guided somatic/free subtle movement class, supported by beautiful lush ambient frequencies and restful soundscapes.
He will also be collaborating with virtuoso percussion wizard Rowan Sterk, in a unique fusion of improvised live ambient electronica with didgeridoo and tribal fusion percussion. We invite you to come and move freely, meditate and journey with us! This is not to be missed.
For more about Will and his music see:
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she who walks the bridge cloth dance
earth dances web pic 2016

Denise Rowe and Ceremonial Dance Space

Denise Rowe is a dance and movement artist with over fifteen year experience in creating and holding safe spaces for powerful transformation

Ceremonial Dance Space
Enter the magic of sacred mbira music, traditionally played for all night ceremonies to connect us with the spirits of our ancestors

Open to the spirits
enter the circle
drop into the heart of the dance
just as you are in this ever changing moment

Weaving complex polyrhythms with enchanting melodies and passionate dance, let this ancient tradition transport you to a realm which is at once magical and commonplace, in which the music and the dance create a bridge to the stars and you are welcome to rest back and breathe, or dive in and dance your socks off!

Kennedy Chinyere, recently arrived from Zimbabwe, has been playing mbira for over twenty years in traditional bira ceremonies
Movement in the landscape
Drop deep into your body’s knowing of itself as part of this magnificent Earth

We are moving breathing beings, part of this rich tapestry of the living cosmos. Our lives are affected by all that is within and without us. We belong. And each of our lives is a unique expression, a unique opportunity.

When we are quiet enough we can hear the voice of the land within our own heart. Our bodies know these voices are our own. Our bodies have not forgotten who we really are. It’s time to remember.

Richard & Suna Sq
Richard Parker
Richard Parker2

Contact Improvisation ~ with Richard Parker

Exploring fundamental movements and somatic principles within Contact Improvisation.   Each session progresses through a series of facilitated solo, partner and group exercises that enable participants to learn and deepen their experience of Contact Improvisation. Includes warming up, body awareness practices, improvisation scores and experiential learning of fundamental structures, techniques and pathways.

Contact improvisation (CI) is a dance practice in which points of physical contact combined with a sharing of weight between two or more people provide the starting point for an exploration in movement improvisation.

Richard Parker has been dancing Contact Improvisation since 2006, he has extensively explored this form with many inspiring teachers from around the world and has been teaching for over 5 years. His focus is on developing a practice of movement that works with the forces of nature that act through the body, rather than against them, bringing both energy and listening into the dance. Using a grounded and relaxed approach he enjoys sharing his understanding of the principle movements within CI as a way into finding a deep and real connection within ourselves.

This year at Colourfest there will be lots of opportunity to enjoy the sensual dynamics of Contact Improvisation through workshops, collaborative jams and late night jamming.


Ester 1
Ester Tal edited

Ester Tal

Flamenco dancer and choreographer, Ester Tal spent 14 years in Spain, studying and working towards her passion for flamenco dance. Her perspective on flamenco is greatly influenced by the gypsy culture of Andalusia, having spent 7 years living among the flamenco community in Jerez.

Now based in the UK and with over 20 years teaching experience, Ester runs her own flamenco academy, as well as choreographing and dancing for her own company, Mi Flamenco, which she runs alongside partner and guitarist, Uri Tal.

Ester believes in the power of dance, for mental and physical well-being, but also believes flamenco goes beyond the ordinary benefits of dance. Deep-rooted in gypsy culture – its hardship, joy, persecution, and family celebrations – flamenco is a vehicle for life expression. Recent work with vulnerable members of the community, evidences how flamenco – its pulsating rhythms, earthy movement, and strong, expressive language – can be a great life-enhancing tool, raising self-esteem, boosting energy and enabling the individual to flourish.

Classes are based on flamenco technique, movement and culture, giving the individual the flamenco language needed to express themselves in a choreographic narrative.

Dance & Movement

The Lord of Celebration DJ

I am the Lord of Celebration and I bring you sunshine and sublime sounds from across Brazil, Africa and Europe.

I weave musical genres of samba, rap, rhumba and ghetto-funk to get your feet and soul moving across the floor.

I have played at numerous festivals for the Osho Leela community in Dorset and regularly lead conscious dance events for the ‘Everything is Connected’ community in Somerset.

Come and join me in a soulful place as we celebrate life.


DJ Pixi Pete
DJ Pixi Pete2

Ecstatic Dance Church – By Dj Pixi Pete

For so many Dancing is worship and the Dance floor is their church. So I bring you Dance church!
Dance Church is a place to come and celebrate life and movement!
Immerse yourself in the music and get out of the mind and into your body, waking up every cell and muscle and bringing your whole and powerful self into manifestion on the Dance floor.
At Dance church there is only one rule! No talking on the Dance floor, this place is for dancing only!
Dance Church is an invitation to a musical journey to awaken your body, letting the music and your own inner intuition guide. Here you become your own guru and flow into free expression and movement into whatever form that is for you. It is a place to fully connect with your self and to the life energy that is alive inside and around everyone of us, and to fully let go into trust in ourselves. Dance Church is also about community and there is always the invitation to interact with others as much or as little as you feel. It is a minimally guided space as the intention here is to find your own path, at the begining there will be a short introduction and explanation of the theme and always finishing in a closing circle.
I will play an eclectic range of music, with an emphasis on electronic Dance music of various genres, carefully chosen to guide the journey, starting very softly and gradually building into a full power dance  and finishing with a gentle soft landing.

Sound Cloud  https://soundcloud.com/peterpumpkineater/tracks

Mix Cloud  https://www.mixcloud.com/PixiPete/

Dance & Movement

Leela Wendy Fisk


​ Apprenticed & certified to teach the work of Arjuna Vinn Martí – US performer, choreographer & founder of Soul Motion® conscious dance practice. She then first taught conscious dance regularly on the movement schedule at the pioneering Esalen Institute in California, in 2010.  Leading to that time she had earlier created a solo travel guide while being a primary classroom teacher and a ​physical training & aerobics (!) coach, teaching since 2002 in diverse environments around the world.
In 2012 she landed and grounded in Totnes, and leads Soul Motion Fridays and is part of the Monday night Totnes Dance Collective. She has continued with Soul Motion school to become a mentor for leader & teacher programme apprentices.

​ ​She delights in finding the creative improvisational edge of somatic movement and h​er ongoing movement improvisation studies include in-depth explorations with Anna Halprin & her associates Helen Poyor and Gary Hoffman Soto.

Alongside, Leela still shapes stories and maths puzzles with children as a home school tutor, and practis​es being a partner to Adam and a mum to Framboise.



Mundo Gira

Mundo Gira

Mundo Gira are a world music fusion band, with 6 instrumentalists from different cultural and spiritual backgrounds. The group inspires their audiences to enjoy ecstatic dance, as they combine ancient chants, Latin rhythms and middle eastern melodies with blues, Afrobeat, reggae and jazz.  The percussion section, made up of congas, timbales, darbuka, Cajon and bongos, brings the vibe of tribal festivity, adding to a rich ensemble of playful guitars, saxophone and vocal harmonies. You can find the band at intercultural events, community projects and festivals. For more information, tracks and videos, visit:


Dan B&W

Embodied Presence

Dancing With The Invisible

Allowing our dance to be supported by something deeper.

‘Meeting the conversation in and as our bodies,

Unravelling occurs, spontaneity ensues, we are available to this moment and the next.’

Our interest is in exploring the fabric of our dance. How can we rest in our own natural movement and the conversation we create with another to allow a spontaneous dance improvisation to unfold.

In exploring physical connections, working with body images and experiential anatomy we inhabit a feeling presence of ourselves. Working with developmental movement patterns allows our bodies to find their natural organic intelligence and from here spontaneous dances emerge. Different movement potential and unlimited flavours become available; tender, gentle, spacious, fiery, alive, animal.

When we commit to our own improvisation, moment to moment a bigger group conversation unfolds; this group field, supports, nourishes and guides the unfolding space.

Together we will develop skills in:

  • Awakening our senses and reflexes to be able to respond tospace and each moment.
  • Developing a felt sense and our ability to listen and respond too ourselves, our partner and the dance around us.
  • Softening into and moving with the floor.
  • Dancing into and out of contact.
  • Exploring touch.
  • Developing and sensing fluid alignment.
  • Listening to and actioning our impulses.

This is a dance exploration & all experience levels welcome, the more diverse we are the richer the fabric we create together.

For more information about Embodied Presence check out our website: www.embodiedpresence.co.uk.


Workshop 1 – Sensing and the Instinctual

We are gifted with this amazing perceptual and sensing organism we call the human body.  This is a dance journey of embodiment through discovering our instinctual nature; a chance to experience our senses in a very primary way & allowing the perceptual to inspire our dance and expression.

This is a dance exploration for all experience levels, the more diverse we are the richer the fabric we create together.

Workshop duration: About 1.5 hours

Workshop 2 – Awakening the Serpent.

At the heart of our dance, is our moving spine. Our spines are a marvel of 20 million years of evolution. In our spine live fish, whales and dinosaurs. This workshop is about awakening movements and dances that have laid dormant for much of our lives. With new movement comes new energy and the ability to receive your dance right now, fresh, alive, spontaneous. By working in this way we allow our bodies to find their own natural organic intelligence and from here an awake dance emerges.

This class will touch in with core practical skills of dance improvisation and exploring movement through experimental anatomy. You are welcome whether you are brand new to dancing or a seasoned veteran with many years of movement under your belt.

Workshop duration: About 2 hours

Workshop 3 – Making Connections

This is a dance journey into space and community. It is about including everything around us as inspiration and support for our unique expression. When we commit to our own dance, moment to moment a much bigger group conversation unfolds; this group field, supports, nourishes and guides the unfolding space. We start to not only become the dance, but this dance touches everything around us. We move as presence, appreciation and our own aliveness.

Workshop duration: About 2 hours


I love dance, to move, to be still, to breath. To drop my weight and touch the earth. This is all important to me. I have been learning and exploring dance improvisation for more than 20 years. I now know that so much can be achieved if we give ourselves the space and time to listen. Our bodies are highly intelligent, we just need to learn to be danced and moved from the inside out. I have been teaching contact improvisation since 2003 and Somatic Yoga from 2010. I have a deep love of how the body moves and the genius of how our bodies are put together. I have done all of this as a consequences of living with a disabling eye condition.


I work with movement and dance as an enquiry into the present moment.  Fascinated by dance as a metaphor for life I have used Contact Improvisation, somatic movement, non-stylised movement and self enquiry as a vehicle to explore the dance floor life, with freshness moment to moment. I have been exploring movement for more than 10 years.  When I first discovered dance it led me to places I had buried, contorted places I pushed away not wanting to feel or face.  It is an ongoing journey discovering just how far away from myself I have lived.  Every dance, every movement session is an invitation to myself to find and meet a little more of myself.  To bring more of me to taste more of the world.  To breath more fully and to move from the inside and meet the world with interest and curiosity.  This is my invitation to you.

Dance & Movement

Sam Bloomfield

Arc improvised movement workshops

We all have the innate potential to discover new creative and collaborative ways of being. Our habits can serve this unfolding or inhibit it, at times we need to stabilise and center ourselves, at other times we need to leap into the unknown. This movement work is not about what it looks like to others, but about its authenticity and capacity to nourish ourselves and our ability to relate ‘whole heartedly’, while deepening our spontaneous connection with the qualities of play and imagination.

Arc is inspired by the work of many movers and therapists including Adler, Jung, Natalie and Carol Rogers, Gabriel Roth, Anna Halprin and Arnold Mindell. This is your invitation to continually grow into more freedom and connectedness in daily life.


sometimes without music

from within

contacting the human-animal body

inspired by Authentic Movement


from body work into movement

fostering connection with others and the environment

exploring inter-dependency

in contact with the earth and others

inspired by Contact Improvisation and Transformational body work


developing and following what’s new and unfolding

playful and spontaneous

stretching the edges of what’s known

facilitating multi-media artistic enquiry

inspired by performance, poetry and visual art making



DANCEmandala (Ecstatic Dance Meditation)

‘The only time I don’t think…. is when I dance’

DANCEmandala is a free form of ecstatic dance, a simple yet powerful transformational movement practice designed to release the dancer within. It helps us dive deep into our core being to connect with our higher self and to source. It’s a spiritual practice, simple yet has the capacity to catalyse deep healing.  It not only teaches us to listen to, trust and follow the wisdom of the body but keeps us fit and healthy and helps cultivate inner and outer awareness, flow and freedom.

This divine practice created by my teacher Areeradh K.Tri-siddha Thailand is based on Yoga principles the Panchakoshas – the ‘5 bodies’ or discernible ‘aspects’ of us humans, arranged successively from the grosser to the increasingly more subtle (physical, vital, mental, wisdom, bliss).  With a little guidance and music to help you move, you will be taken gracefully through eleven layers of the body pathway leading to complete stillness.

So, join Shaku on this beautiful inward journey and see what dance is for you. Let your body move unrestricted and authentically to the sound of some carefully selected great music where you find yourself at your most fluid and creative. It is an incredibly liberating experience in every way. No special skills needed, just a willingness and courage to step onto the dance space and dance with all your heart, body and soul.

More info: DANCEmandala.com
Workshops: meetup.com/dancemandala
FB page: DANCEmandalaUK(DMCF)

Shakunthala (Shaku) Burrell originally from South India is based in London. A certified DANCEmandala facilitator she also works in the Corporate world, is a Complementary Therapist, a Laughter Yoga teacher and loves singing Kirtans.  She is very passionate about all her practices but dance tops the list and it’s something she has carried with her since a very young age.  Shaku has been running weekly dance in London for the past 3 years and facilitates at various events, festivals and retreats abroad. She says she is no Guru but her main aim is to get everyone young and old dancing with her. She believes in keeping this practice simple without the need to confuse with deep spiritual jargon but allow them to find their own path in their own way at their own pace through dance. Don’t miss it!

Brazilian Forro

Brazilian Forró

Brazilian Forró

Andy and Julia teach the Brazilian folk dance of Forró which is danced in pairs to the uplifting sounds of the accordian, triangle and drum and with lyrics that take you on a journey to the north east of Brazil where it all began.

The dance is simple to learn, and lots of fun. Everyone is welcome to give it a go, and to discover there is no greater feeling than dancing cheek to cheek to the wonderful Brazilian rhythms.

Come and join us!


Dance & Movement

Kundalini Clubbing

“Kundalini Clubbing emerged after Mark TJ Keane reignited the UK Conscious
Clubbing scene in 2010, but felt that these events, although pioneering at
the time, were a stepping stone to a greater vision.

This vision was to activate the creative life force, known in Yoga as
Kundalini, through the technology of Kundalini Yoga, and Kundalini Dance,
to take people to conscious clubbing heights, many have only experienced,
or even thought possible, through drugs. The result is an elevated state
of consciousness, with no ‘come down’, which people can take home with
them, and integrate into their lives. Kundalini Clubbing is this vision.

Kundalini Clubbing has been going for three years in Bristol, and London,
with Mark and Kirsty Lewis, and now, after collaborating with Wendy
Vickery, we are really happy to also be in Swansea.

Things usually kick off with a sacred cacao ceremony, which Mark will be
bringing back from his adventures in the Sacred Valley of Peru.

This is where we set our heartfelt intention for the evening, and open
ourselves up to a higher vibration.

Then we really get our energy moving with a powerful Kundalini Yoga set,
to lift us right up to where we want to be. No experience of Yoga needed.
This in an amazing form of Yoga which Mark brought to Bristol in 2006,
having learned it in India in 2005. It integrates postures (especially
spinal movements) , breath-work, energy locks and mantra, having the
amazing combined effect of getting your Kundalini Rising!

Then we are really in for a treat as we build up to Kundalini Dance, which
Mark brought to the UK over from Australia, also in 2005. This is a
shamanic, and ecstatic form of dance which takes you on a journey through
all of your seven chakras. You do not have to be able to ‘dance well’, it
is not a performance, it is about an expression of freedom. This is
something words cannot explain, you just have to experience it for

It is very powerful, and healing, and cleanses your energy on every level, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Then we rest. At the end of the evening, we lie down and fully integrate
our extraordinary evening with some deeply relaxing Gong Bath. You will
leave feeling grounded, centre and content.”

For more info see :



Ocean Ananda Hillfon




We work with the circle as a format.
You move in and out as you feel called to.

We dance the free, inituitive dance

No steps to be taught.
It’s about deeply listening.

To oneself and the other/s.


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