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“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”  Nietzsche


Dancing Beyond the Void

Francis will guide us into the awakened experience through the relaxed yet dynamic movement of body and breath. The 5Rhythms are rooted in real life. We dance alone, with partners and with the group because these 3 levels exist in our lives. We’ll take up the challenge to move from our heart, witnessed not just by each other but by Awareness itself. We’ll get to know what it’s like to dance beyond the void, letting our psyche unravel into unity and our soul’s calling to emerge.
Francis was trained by Gabrielle Roth to teach the 5Rhythms in 2005. In 2012 he trained with her son Jonathan Horan to teach the heartbeat (emotional embodiment) level of the work. He teaches as he would like to be taught: with sensitivity, integrity, transmitting a deep and embodied understanding of the transformative power of the practice.



Dancing the Goddess with Shakti Sundari

Dancing the Goddess is a powerful, transformative practice for EVERY WOMAN of connecting with & embodying the DIVINE FEMININE. Devised by Shakti Sundari, it synthesises her 16 years as a teacher of Conscious Dance, Embodied Awareness, Sacred Sexuality & Feminine Awakening. Dancing the Goddess is not just a dance class: it offers you a comprehensive practice and safe, sacred space in which to experience the ongoing personal and spiritual growth of embodied connection with the Divine Feminine within a growing and diverse community of women.
Invoking the energy, qualities and blessings of Goddess archetypes into
our space and bodies is a powerful part of this practice. And we work with the 4 pillars of the Dancing the Goddess practice: 1) Embodiment, 2) Awakening, 3) Transformation & 4) Integration. We are remembering a way of being that was once a Sacred Art in ancient Goddess-Loving Cultures and Tantric Temples.
We are re-membering ourselves as fully activated, self-empowered women,within a loving, supportive and deeply nurturing sisterhood.



Lovers of Dance & Movement

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