Stop. Be still. Breathe deeply.
Breathe naturally. Put your hands on your Heart.
Nothing is wrong.
Fierce engaged living, the blade that cuts through delusion;
Sees with wholeheartedness, empowers you at your core.
Welcome to Your Roots

Satsang with Prajna & Paul Hurcomb

Meetings in Stillness are Meetings in Truth

They are held by Paul Hurcomb for the sole purpose of discovering The Natural State of Being. There is nothing for the mind to learn to recognise this state, all that is required is a sincere willingness to want to discover that within us which is eternal, unchanging and free. The meetings offer simple guidance and support towards making this discovery.

I have only love for you,

the deepest kind

that wants nothing back

that gives and gives
if only you’d stop

and rest as you are

without moving in any direction

you’d feel my loving embrace
again and again……

paul hurcomb2

I have been deeply touched by the teachings of The Buddha, Ramana Maharshi, Eckhart Tolle, and my own teacher Sri Mooji.

 From my early twenties I spent 12 years as a devout Buddhist and lived and worked in a Buddhist community engaging sincerely in spiritual practices, meditation retreats and in depth study of Buddhist scriptures. 

However it wasn’t until 2003 in my mid 30’s when I became critically ill that the truth beyond my conditioned individual identity was recognised. At this point I knew that this experience had revealed something within me that no book, belief or technique ever could.

In the midst of deep pain and suffering I experienced a profound change in  consciousness from mind identity to Presence and I felt a great peace within.

This inner movement continued to mature and develop over many years. During this time I spent long periods in Tiruvanamalai, South India. This place is  synonymous with the Advaita Self Inquiry teachings popularised by the Indian sage Ramana Maharshi.

It was during one of these regular trips to ‘Tiru’  that It was my good fortune to meet Sri Mooji who showed me that even Presence, which is the most sacred feeling within the body, is not the ‘final stop’ as it too arises within an unchanging background of Awareness. The recognition of Presence arising in awareness is The Natural State of Being, is realisation. 

 For the past few years I have been holding ‘Meetings in Stillness’ with individuals and small groups of people who have an authentic wish to recognise and discover their own true nature.

 I now spend most of my time travelling between the UK, Spain and Sweden but also to other placesin Europe to hold retreats and open meetings whenever I am invited.


A dedication to the Truth of Being

Prajna embodies the “wisdom of no escape” and evokes through dialogue, inquiry, and presence the spirit of authenticity, courage, and kind acceptance while inspiring people to unleash core aliveness. Prajna carries a message that vividly charts the universal themes of “seeking” through the most humbling emotional ordeals to heartfelt satisfaction and stability. Her approach elicits a softening of the heart that allows struggle and false identity to relax into direct intrinsic knowing of who we are amidst laughter, tears, messiness, and beauty. As a teacher, therapist, and mother, she is known for her deep compassion and capacity to transmit powerful meditation experiences relevant to everyday life. Visit

I found my life dedicated to Satsang. I continue to cherish the tradition of Satsang. My relationship to it has shifted over time to include all of life not only the weekly “form” of Satsang. In many ways, Satsang has served its purpose—to dissolve the imagined walls of separation. Now I’m returning the favor, akin to the Bodhisattva vow.

Prajna black andwhite

Prajna’s Journey: In 1986, after the death of her first teacher Eunice Zimmerman, Prajna was introduced to Satsang and Non-dual Wisdom Teachings of Ramana Maharshi, Anandamayi Ma, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Milarepa,… She had an immediate realization of True Self that led to seven years of Nirvikalpa Samadhi (a deep meditative absorption with Consciousness). “I watched my former identity as a separate individual vanish. I saw thought to be unreal—like a cloud passing in a clear sky. What I thought myself to be—was not. I disappeared like space.” In 1994 she gave birth to her first baby at home while enjoying the “homey moon” phase of awakening. Two years later her twins were born three months early with severe complications. After an extended period of unrest she was catapulted to the edge of a dark night that culminated with meeting her root teacher, Adyashanti. Adya clarified the dark night of the soul, as a threshold on the journey of surrendering our personal will to the will of the divine. A deeper transformation continues that includes gratitude for all of life and her children as endearing teachers.


Prajna, an early student of Adyashanti, is professionally trained as a Hakomi—Body Centered Therapist and Counselor. She draws upon three decades of mentoring, and an extra-ordinary life as a mother. On 9/11 she dedicated her life to the Bodhisattva vow and began to teach from her life experience. In 2104, after a break from public teaching, she began touring with her book. She is featured at Buddha at the Gas Pump, Conscious TV, KVMR Radio, Living from Love, One Magazine, and many others. Read about her embodiment journey in Edge of Grace.


“Edge of Grace is a moving, uplifting, cleansing, surging power that makes you feel you’ll never be the same again!”~ Sarah Tavner, Oxford Documentary Producer


“It’s impressive when the gurus and yogis of the world can attain peace by sitting in lotus position in a cave somewhere, not bothered by the insane noise and complexity of the modern Western world. But when you can attain true peace and equanimity with the Herculean challenges Prajna has faced — now THAT’s a Spiritual Bad Ass! ~

“I like how your book talks about life ‘as it is’. Oh what precious medicine your book is.”
~ Olivia, Santa Cruz, CA

Contact Prajna at for a free 4 day mini-course, private sessions, intensives, retreats and tours. She is currently co-creating a holistic care home with a permaculture design for spiritual practice and service that includes people with special challenges. See “Sangha Project” on her site and join her vision. She accepts invitations for book signings, interviews, conferences, or to co-create an event.

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